The Class Nerd: Using iOS in the classroom [sponsor]

Class-nerdThe right apps hold immense power for greater efficiency with reduced stress, but just having the right app doesn’t mean that you can use it in the most productive manner. That’s one reason why you should check out The Class Nerd by Craig McClellan. Craig is a 2nd grade teacher and an Apple nerd who writes about how he wields Apple technology to be more productive in an education setting.

If you’re a teacher, definitely check out the site–and if you’re not an school teacher (I’m not!), you might even get greater value out of his site because seeing how someone in a different field uses technology helps spur new ideas you might not have about your own. That’s one reason I’ve been following The Class Nerd and Craig for several years, because the way he uses apps to plan, track, and automate his work regularly inspires me. To see what I mean, just check out his recent “New Semester, New Plan” post.

My thanks to Craig and The Class Nerd for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

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