App giveaway: Unlox – unlock your Mac with TouchID & FaceID, $3.99 ↘️ free via giveaway [sponsor]


This week’s sponsor has given us 10 redemption codes to download their app completely free! Read on to enter the giveaway to get Unlox for free!

No one likes typing passwords, especially not strong and unique ones, which is why Touch ID and Face ID are so transformative. Unfortunately, unless you’ve splurged for a new Mac, you’re still stuck with typing your password dozens of times a day which is frustrating as you wait (and hopefully you got it right the first time!) End your frustration with Unlox, this week’s sponsor of MDM Deals.

With Unlox installed on your iPhone and Mac, you can securely unlock your Mac using Face ID, Touch ID, or even Apple Watch on your wrist. Just like Face ID and Touch ID make passwords a painless afterthought on iPhone, Unlox makes them a painless afterthought on the Mac–just walk up to your computer and log in with a glance, a fingerprint, or a tap.

Unlox especially shines with iPhone X. A brilliant redesign of MacID, rewritten in Swift, Unlox takes advantage of the fact that Face ID can authenticate you without sending you a notification, so you can securely unlock your Mac faster, more reliably, and more securely.

One other thing I love about Unlox is it has built-in URL schemes to lock and unlock your Mac, send iPhone’s clipboard to Mac, or control audio on your Mac. If you’re like me and love iOS automation, it’s worth getting Unlox just for this feature alone. Get Unlox today!

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My thanks to Unlox for sponsoring MDM Deals this week. The developer, Kane Cheshire, has also given us redemption codes so that 10 lucky readers will get Unlox 100% free!

Enter the giveaway for your a chance to win Unlox!

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