Tinderbox, a powerful toolbox for ideas, 20% off for MDM Deals followers [sponsor]


In our fast-paced technological age–with billions of sources of information flying at us–keeping track of pieces of information is a difficult, organizing it is a chore, and understanding the connections between them is a nightmare. Enter Tinderbox, a beautifully crafted piece of software that is your toolkit for ideas. More than a simple note-taking app, Tinderbox is an immensely powerful program that will help you organize, visualize, analyze, and understand complex ideas or challenging data.

One area where Tinderbox shines is in the wide variety of ways in which it can display your data. With linked and dated notes, you can view your notes as a mind map, word cloud, an outline, a chart, or even an interactive chronological timeline. Simply and easily toggling between these views can help jog your brain to get you unstuck or reveal insights and connections you would never have noticed otherwise. And with the latest update, Tinderbox can automatically update your notes from Notes, Evernote, Dropbox, DEVONthink Pro, and more, so that you’re always able to get in the information you need.

Whether you’re a writer, a student, a research, an analyst, a lawyer, a teacher, or just doing a complex project, you can try Tinderbox 100% free (no credit card required)–and then buy it 20% off because you follow MDM Deals. Download Tinderbox today!

My thanks to Tinderbox and Eastgate Systems for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.

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