App giveaway: Today’s Forecast, a beautiful, fast, & private weather app, $0.99 ↘️ free via giveaway [sponsor]

Today's Forecast

Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but every now and then an app shows up that is unique and does something better than the rest: Today’s Forecast does just that and bears the unique honor of being the only weather app I’ve ever purchased. It’s that good, so I’m excited to have the app as this week’s sponsor! Read on to learn how you can win it absolutely free!

For years, I used Apple’s built-in weather app; I was “meh” about it–it generally did what I needed it to do and I didn’t dislike it, but didn’t love it either. What makes Today’s Forecast different is it’s beautiful, simple design that simultaneously presents more information than Apple’s app (eg “feels like temperatures”) but feels cleaner and less cluttered. Good design is simple–but not too simple; Today’s Forecast nails that balance in presenting pertinent information in a clear, clean way. I love the custom icons clearly communicate the weather and yet are whimsical and fun.

Powered by Dark Sky’s weather network, Today’s Forecast is super accurate, blazing fast, and 100% private. Unlike dozens of other weather apps (especially the “free” ones), Today’s Forecast doesn’t sell your data or track your location–in fact, it doesn’t even collect your personal data, which is how a weather app should be.

What’s more, the developer has given MDM Deals 10 copies of the app for 10 lucky MDM Deal fans! Enter the giveaway for a chance to win–or get Today’s Forecast today for just $0.99 on the App Store!

Get it on the App Store today!

My thanks to Matt Birchler and Today’s Forecast for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.



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