App giveaway: Unclutter, a great way to organize your clipboard, files, & notes; now 50% off and a free giveaway!


I am excited to bring to you as a sponsor one of my most-used Mac apps: Unclutter, a fantastic app to keep you organized. The developer is offering 50% off for Black Friday, plus giving away free copies of the app for MDM Deals fans!

Unclutter is a clever utility that will keep you organized, keep clutter off your Desktop, and boost your productivity. With a quick two-finger swipe from your menu bar (or a half-second pause or keyboard shortcut), Unclutter slides down, giving you easy access to your clipboard history, your notes, and files you’ve placed there–and then, when you move your mouse away, it automatically slides back until you need it again. My words don’t do justice to the smoothness or cleverness of the animation or design (there’s a great video at the developer site, though); it is slick and seamless and fun just to swipe up and down.

app-pocket-index@2x.pngThe seamless integration of my clipboard history, notes, and files makes Unclutter super useful to me and why it’s become a standby app I’ve loved using this last year. The clipboard manager is making it a great way to juggle multiple things you need to copy or a great way to recover what you copied and forgot to paste. The fact that it runs in the background and automatically saves my clipboard history means it just works (you can also tell it not to save information from certain apps, like 1Password).

The notes are super useful, too, because they’re so quickly accessible. Unclutter is my go-to place when I’m on the phone and need to write down some information; I don’t have to find a pen, a sticky note, or wait for an app to open up–my notepad is just a swipe away, making it immensely handy. (I just learned, too, that you can adjust the settings so that the notes sync via iCloud/Dropbox so that you can sync them between Macs & access them on iOS).

Perhaps the most useful part of Unclutter is that it can store files, even apps, keeping them accessible at the swipe of a finger and yet not cluttering up your Desktop. A super useful way to use Unclutter is for temporary drag and drop situations–simply drag the file up towards your menu bar, drop it in Unclutter when it slides down, and then navigate easily to where you want to place it. No more waiting for spring-loading of folders or clumsy two-finger manipulation as you try to hold onto the file while choosing it’s destination. Unclutter makes it simple, nice, and easy.

The developer has made Unclutter 50% off for Black Friday, down from $19.99 to just $9.99, making Unclutter’s integrated features a steal. The developer also has been kind enough to give away a copy of Unclutter to lucky followers of MDM Deals. Make sure you’re following MDM Deals to learn how to win the giveaway!

My thanks to Unclutter and Eugne Krupnov for their support of MDM Deals!

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