App giveaway: Soulver, faster than a spreadsheet but more useful than a calculator [sponsor]


We’ve all been in the situation before, needing not just to remember multiple numbers but to make some simple calculations–a calculator is too simple, a spreadsheet is too complex, and a notepad is too word-focused to be useful. Soulver, available for iOS and Mac, solves that problem entirely, which is why I’m thrilled they agreed to be a sponsor of MDM Deals when I asked. Read on to learn why I love the app so much and enter a giveaway to win it 100% free!

The brilliance of Soulver lies in the fact that it combines both text and numbers with a really great natural language parsing ability. This means that Soulver is perfect for back-of-the-envelope calculations or to play around with numbers. But to really see how useful it is, you need to see it in action and so here are two example of how I use it:

Soulver example

When I go grocery shopping with a budget, I need to track not just my total cost but also the cost of each item so that I know what to get more or less of when I have a final tally. A calculator can keep a running tally, but not a list of items; a notepad can keep a list, but not a running tally; a spreadsheet can do both, but is WAY too powerful to use as I shop. Soulver solves this amazingly, letting me track the running total at the bottom, the cost of each item on each line, AND the unit cost of each so that I can get more or less depending on what my budget it. Best yet, notice how Soulver automatically recognized and made the filet mignon calculation for me, just from the text that I entered?

Another quick example, in that same screenshot above–one thing I like to keep track of for MDM Deals is how much savings I find users each month. Soulver makes it easy to paste in the savings of each deal (or use the URL scheme to automate this) and then, with one tap I can see either the total savings or the average savings. Not bad and I don’t have the hassle of doing it manually with a calculator or the complexity of building a spreadsheet for a simple calculation. Soulver is a fantastic time-saving app that you definitely should get.

You can get Soulver for $1.99 on the iOS App Store, for $11.99 on the Mac App Store, or for Mac via the developer’s own store for $11.95. Acqualia Software has also generously provided 5 free redemption codes for Soulver on Mac, so be sure to enter the drawing for a chance to get it free! The drawing is now over, but make sure to follow MDM Deals to hear about more giveaways and ways to save money!

My thanks to Soulver from Acqualia Software for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


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