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In today’s world, few of us do just one thing–we’re constantly juggling lots of tasks, projects, and jobs–and each one of those things requires that we have different documents, emails, websites, and apps open. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have just the right things open at just the right time, if you could set up your workspace once and launch it the next time instead of redoing everything? Now you can, thanks to Workspaces by Apptorium–read on to learn about it and enter a free giveaway!

Workspaces is the kind of app that you don’t know you need until you’ve used it and then it becomes immediately obvious how helpful it is. You set up Workspaces to remember the documents, websites, apps, emails, pictures, and information that you need for each task. Then, next time, launch that entire workspace with one click in the mbar bar, saving you the time and mental headache of finding and opening them everything each time. Use it a few times and you’ll see there’s no reason to do work any other way.

For example, each week I track stats from this site–deals published, downloads, money saved, giveaway interactions, sponsor engagement, etc. Doing so is tedious since I have to pull information from multiple sources and apps, then collect that in my spreadsheet. I invariably forget to track certain information or where to find it, so I set up a Workspace that will automatically open everything for me with one click. No more forgetting, no more having to stop to open a new site, no more wasting my mental energy on stupid things like that–Workspaces makes it fast, easy, and effortless.

I first saw Workspaces a year ago, but I initially didn’t go for it because I thought “I can just open all that stuff up myself”–but once you try Workspaces, you’ll see the value immediately. Yes, I can find and open all those items myself, but it is worth it to save the mental headache of  remembering what I need, where it is, opening it, and then stopping what I’m doing to find and open something I forgot. Workspaces means that my computer does what a computer can do, freeing my time, creativity, and mental energy to do what only I, a human being, can do. In an odd kind of way, Workspaces frees me from the work of a computer to be more human–and that’s a trade I’m willing to make every time.

So give Workspaces a try! It’s free to download and try from Apptorium and costs just $9 to purchase. You can also get it in the Mac App Store or via SetApp. The developers are also giving away 4 copies of Workspaces just for MDM Deal fans, so make sure to check that out!

My thanks to Workspacesand the developers at Apptorium for their support of MDM Deals.



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