World Clock Time Widget, the best app for viewing & calculating time zones ↘️ free Pro features for MDM Deals fans! [sponsor]

WorldClockTimeWidget There have been immense benefits as the the world has gotten flatter, more globalized, and more connected–about half of the traffic to this site comes from outside the US and, on a personal level, I met my non-American wife while overseas. But with those benefits has come an immense hassle of trying to keep up with everyone across different time zones. My family now lives across 4 different time zones, some of which use Daylight Savings and some which don’t so that I can never keep the time difference straight. That’s why I’m so thankful that World Clock Time Widget exists and that it is a sponsor this week. Read on to learn of a time-limited way to unlock the Pro version 100% free, without even a giveaway!

World Clock Time Widget is a delightful app that has been featured by Apple multiple times for its simple design fine-tuned to solve your time zone problem: displaying zones easily & calculating them simply. Simple to set up with your desired time zones, World Clock Time Widget displays those time zones in the widget area (my favorite) or via 3D Touch on the icon. With different ways to display time (analog, digital, 24-hour) and different themes, World Clock Time Widget makes it easy and delightful to see the times–a far cry from the stock Clock app which buries timezones in a tab that requires you to open the app.

However, my favorite part of World Clock Time Widget is that it can calculate time zones for you so that, if you want to know what time it will be in Beijing 5 hours from now, you don’t have to do that math–just tap forward on the arrows & World Clock Time Widget makes all those adjustments for you.

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Whether, like me, you have family around the world or whether you do business and don’t want to have to remember that Arizona doesn’t follow Daylight Savings, you should definitely check out World Clock Time Widget. It’s free to download in the App Store, with an IAP for Pro features. However, for MDM Deals fans and for a limited time, the developer is making the Pro features 100% free. Just download the app today and unlock the Pro features on Thursday, April 5th or Friday April 6th!


My thanks to Lewis Smith and World Clock Time Widget for their support of MDM Deals.


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