App giveaway: A Better Finder Rename, the best app to rename files on your Mac [sponsor]

Better Finder RenameI think we’ve all been in the situation I was in just yesterday–needing to rename enough files that it was tedious and annoying to do it manually: secondary clicking, selecting rename, typing the new name, and going on to the next one. In my case, it was especially insulting because the filenames were just sequential numbers (01, 02, 03, etc.) and there is no reason a person needed to do that job rather than a computer…which is why I am excited to share with you this week’s sponsor, A Better Finder Rename, an app that solved my problem in a matter of seconds, saving me immense frustration with an otherwise tedious task. Read on to learn more about it and enter to win a free copy!

A Better Finder Rename, like most great software, does one thing and one thing well–rename files–but the simplicity of that statement betrays the immense power and flexibility of the application. Want to use your music’s metadata to rename your songs correctly? Need to rename hundreds of photos from meaningless names like IMG_00273 to something intelligible like Taylor Swift concert 09? Have downloaded files with random names that you need to organize? A Better Finder Rename has you covered with 15 different categories of renaming options that can name files by text, parent folder, metadata, tags, date, number, and more (including RegEx for us nerds). The power here is quite impressive, allowing text to be replaced, converted, and truncated, even in multi-step operations–and yet A Better Finder Rename  is quite simple to use and generates a preview of the name so you can confirm it is correct before you run the operation.

In short, if you ever have to rename multiple files, there is no better app I know of than A Better Finder Rename to accomplish your task. A Better Finder Rename is free to download and $19.95 to unlock fully. And just for MDM Deals followers, the developer is giving away three copies 100% free! Enter the free drawing for your chance to win!

My thanks to Frank Reiff and A Better Finder Rename for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.



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