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My family and I are about to move overseas, which presents us with a massive problem: what do we do with documents we need as record, with keepsakes that we can’t take, or with the adorable paintings our two toddlers produce? We can’t or don’t want to throw these away but we don’t want to take up space saving them. You may not be moving, but I’m sure you’ve hit the same challenge of saving items but not wanting to take up space. Digitizing those items is a great solution, giving you access to them as needed but not taking up physical space–and so I’m very glad to share with you this week’s sponsor, Scanbot, an award-winning fully-featured app that is 100% free to download and use. Read on to learn more and enter the drawing to unlock Scanbot Pro!

The team behind Scanbot (doo GmbH) has tirelessly worked to make Scanbot a total scanning solution and their work has been recognized by Apple with an Editor’s Choice Award and as a three-time Best of App Store app. Downloaded over 10 million times on iOS & Android, it seems the market agrees–as I’ve used the app, I think it’s for two primary reasons. First, Scanbot makes it dead-simple to capture a scan and then, second, makes it super simple to process the scan.

Scanbot 1

For capture, Scanbot features automatic page detection and automatic capture, even if a page is misaligned or at an angle, though if it’s too severe Scanbot will offer a prompt to ensure a high-quality image. From the scan, Scanbot can generate a PDF or OCR the text with a superb OCR engine (see image above). The entire process takes just seconds, faster than my flatbed scanner and rivaling even dedicated scanners–but always with you in your pocket!

Once scanned, Scanbot once again makes it super simple to process the scan. You can easily highlight, markup, or sign the document–and can set it to automatically upload the scan to a location of your choice in virtually any cloud storage service (iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Evernote, OneNote, Box, and more) and manually set up “workflows” to send it off to different locations with the touch of a button, including sending it as a fax from within the app for those times you can’t fully embrace the 21st century.


Scanbot 2

While other scanning apps exist, you will be hard-pressed to find any which matches, let alone beats, the features, simplicity, and ease of Scanbot. Best of all, it’s 100% free to download, with IAP to unlock more advanced features. And just for MDM Deals followers, doo GmbH is giving away 5 codes to unlock Scanbot Pro, so download it today and enter the drawing to unlock the Pro version for free!

My thanks to doo GmbH and Scanbot for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.



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