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Hey all,

Thanks for being faithful followers of MDM Deals! I have been blown away by the interest so many are showing in careful curation of apps & movies on sale and I have a lot more plans for how to make the site and deals better–stay tuned!

I wanted to pass along a quick personal note that my family will be traveling overseas to see my wife’s family for a few weeks. I’ve adjusted my setup a lot to prepare for this, but because of time zone changes, long international flights, and spotty internet coverage, there may be some irregularity in posting of deals–or a lot more deals posted in a single day than is normal. But don’t worry, the deals will still come and things should return to normal by the end of July. If anything should change, I’ll let you know here on the site even if I can’t get it out to the rest of the channels.

Thanks for your understanding and for following MDMDeals!



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