A new logo for a new model: MDM Deals now on Patreon


You’ll notice something new around MDM Deals today: some fantastic new graphic work by Max Design, replacing my ham-fisted attempt at art a year ago (seriously, not my strong suit). That new design, though, comes at a perfect time, as I make some changes to the site that will make it even better for you.

I have loved building up an audience of people who loves great deals on fantastic apps & movies and seeing you support the site as you’ve made purchases through my links. But since Apple is ending their app affiliate program, MDM Deals will lose the vast majority of its revenue in a matter of days. Rather than end MDM Deals, though–which I considered long and hard–I’ve decided to re-focus on a goal I’ve always had: being a fan-supported site that justifies my time to run–and even grow!–the site. That’s why I’m very excited to announce the start of a MDM Deals Patreon page.

If you haven’t heard about Patreon, they’re a company passionate about helping creators like MDM Deals to be supported and furthered by the support of their fans (called Patrons)–and, in turn, for those creators to rewards their Patrons with special rewards for being part of the work! I am super excited to offer you some great rewards for joining, rewards like:

  • Custom filtered emails, showing you just the deals you want for just the devices you have. Get only what you want, today.
  • Receive extra raffle entries, giving you better odds than normal fans of winning app giveaways. (Oh, and next week I’m giving away PDF Expert, so it’s not a bad time to get in!)
  • Get personal app recommendations, getting you the app you need without having to do any research. I’ll do it for you.
  • Win App Store & iTunes gift cards in exclusive Patron-only raffles and drawings!
  • And even more!

If just 10% of you pledged towards MDM Deals on Patreon, I’ll guarantee that MDM Deals is not going away at the end of the month–and as more and more of you join in, I’ll be able to grow MDM Deals to be ad-free, to do weekly app giveaways, include Mac deals not from the Mac App store, and even more.

Head over to Patreon and support MDM Deals–and hurry, because I’m giving away an app and a $25 App Store gift card to some of the first people who sign up!


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