Giveaway: Unite 2, a great utility to make a native app of any website [sponsor]


Are you frustrated that some websites that really should have a native Mac app, but aren’t (looking at you Twitter!) Are there websites that you have to use but you simply don’t trust them not to track you online (or offline!)? Would you like some sites to open up in a window that’s always in the same size or position? Want to get websites into your menu bar so you can stay updated with one click? Then you need Unite 2, a fantastic utility that makes any website into a customizable native Mac app.

Open up Unite 2 and you’ll be greeted with a dead-simple window that asks for what name you want to give your app and the website URL you want made into an app. Choose your own image–or ask Unite 2 to automatically grab that sites favicon–click “create,” and you’re done. It’s dead simple and takes seconds. 

Unite screen

Once created, the app appears in your application folders and, something I love, appears in Spotlight and Siri search results to easily launch the website. There’s tons of customizations you can do–put the app in your menu bar for one-click viewing, set up desktop notifications (more coming Q1 of 2019), change colors, and set it to always open the window in the same size and position. There’s a lot of power in Unite 2 to get things working exactly the way you want, all powered by a WebKit 2-powered browser to give you all the latest web features and security standards.

One thing I love about Unite 2 is that it effectively creates a quarantine for the data of each website you create, which is a huge win for security and privacy–and that alone is worth Unite 2 to me. I have long tried to keep Google and Facebook’s privacy-invading sites in a different browser than my day-to-day browser, but I regularly forgot to open up those sites in my separate browser, thereby exposing all of my web activity to those sites. No longer–I created Unite 2 apps for those sites and now I can easily pull up Siri or Spotlight to launch them into their own separate browsers. That’s a win for privacy and security and why I’ll be using Unite 2 going forward.

Unite 2 is free to download and try; when you go to buy, use the code MDM to get a 15% discount just for MDM Deals fans! The developer is also sponsoring a giveaway:

You can enter to win both ways and increase your odds of winning! My thanks to Unite 2 and BZG for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

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