Giveaway: iMazing, the iPhone backup solution Apple should have made [sponsor]


I can’t count the number of times that Time Machine has saved my bacon–and I don’t mean from catastrophic drive failure (though that’s happened). Probably hundreds of times I’ve had “oh nuts, how did that file get deleted” moments or “Shoot! I deleted that part of the document two weeks ago” moments. Being able to go back and see my Mac’s device history is a life-saver. Literally. Ever wish you could do that on iOS? I’m excited to bring you this week’s sponsor: iMazing, by DigiDNA. They’re giving away 5 copies of iMazing (a $45 value!), so read on to learn more and enter the giveaway!

But before I tell you about iMazing, you need to know why Apple’s backup solutions just don’t cut it. I know you can backup to iCloud (seriously, did you think I missed that one?). But even if you accept the privacy & security risks of doing so (celebrity photo hack, anyone?), that is a pretty poor solution because it restores ridiculously slow (seriously, it took me days last time) and because it’s all or nothing. Need to find a critical note or text message from last month? Sorry. All you’ve got is the backup from last night and even if it was on last night’s backup, you’d have to restore you’re entire device to get anything you’d lost. That stinks.

iTunes backups are only slightly better–they’re faster, but it’s still all-or-nothing. Need to restore a single app contents or recover one note that’s no longer in the “recently deleted” file? Tough luck. Unless you’ve been manually moving iPhone backups out of iTunes to store them–taking up an immense amount of space–you’ve only got the most recent backup and that’s it. Maybe what you lost is there, maybe not! You can’t see it–and the only way to know is to commit to the hours-long process of wiping your entire phone and restoring it. Hope you didn’t have anything important on the phone since that backup because it’ll be gone!

And that’s what makes iMazing, well, amazing (sorry, you know I was gonna do that once) and why I reach out to them to see if they’d sponsor MDM Deals. I’m so glad they did, because iMazing is a comprehensive device management tool so you can do near-anything on your devices—transfer and manage files, music, ringtones, etc., two-click migrate your data to a new phone, even making geeky tweaks without jailbreaking. It does all that (and more!)–but what I love the most about iMazing–and why you should seriously download it for free and try it out–is because it solves iPhone backups.


Here’s what iMazing offers that no one else does:

  • Privacy & security. Your data stays your data. No cloud. No government subpoenas. No hacks. Keep your data local and encrypted–keep it yours.
  • Partial recovery. You read that right. Recover just a single note or text message–no need to spend hours restoring the entire phone in hopes you’ll get what you need.
  • Browse your older backups. Yes, browse the backups in a Time Machine-like interface. See their history and data before you restore to see if you even need to restore.
  • Keep a history of backups–with intelligent data management so that you don’t have to keep bunches of massive files (*cough* iTunes backup *cough*)–and if you are running low on space, move your backups to an external drive, a NAS, whatever you want.
  • Automatic wireless backups. As long as your iPhone is on your WiFi with iMazing, it’ll backup for you, securely encrypted. Set it and forget it.
  • And more.

You all know that every day I’m finding, researching, and learning about apps. I know of no other app that does what iMazing does and it really is the iPhone backup solution that Apple should have made part of iTunes. Even better is that it is free to download and try out. And even better still, DigiDNA is giving away 5 copies: 3 will go to lucky MDM Deals fans and 2 will be given away to MDM Deal Patrons!

Enter the drawing here–with lots of ways to improve your odds–but the best odds are always reserved for MDM Deal Patrons. There’s never been a better time to sign up as a Patron and get access to exclusive giveaways!

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