Introducing MDM Deals 2.1!


I am so excited to announce that MDM Deals now has solidly over 1600 fans subscribed across my various publishing channels. It has been fun to serve you all and think of new ways to help you discover great deals on fantastic apps and movies. I am thrilled to announce today MDM Deals 2.1, with a bunch of changes and improvements across everything. There’s something exciting here for everyone, so read on!

Better Patreon perks!

Ever since Apple ended their affiliate program, the primary way I’ve kept MDM Deals alive has been via Patreon. I’ve now made it even better to join, by giving every Patreon access to filtered deals emails:

  • Don’t have a Mac? Get only iPhone deals in your inbox
  • Only care about apps, not games? Filter those out
  • Want emails just twice a week instead of daily? Customize that.

Create your personal custom email by answering 3 questions and get only the deals you want for the devices you own, delivered to you when you want. Save time and never miss another deal–and the emails have had some major improvements too (keep reading!), so become a Patron today!

New Biweekly deals digest

I’ve long believed the best way to get MDM Deals is via email and today, after an incredible amount of work, I’m making them even better with a feature you can’t get anywhere else: a biweekly deal digest.

Checking deals every day can be a drag. Save yourself some time even as you’re saving yourself money and get my all-new biweekly deal digest every Tuesday and Friday. While there are some day-only sales you may miss, you can now choose whether that’s worth the extra mental overhead of daily deals 😀.

If you’re already getting emails, don’t worry–I’ve defaulted everyone (free & Patrons) to the daily emails, but if you’d like to change to the weekly, just update your preferences via the email you will shortly receive. If you aren’t on the email list, subscribe for free today or get the better filtered emails by supporting MDM Deals on Patreon!

Other email improvements

In addition to a new biweekly email digest, the email newsletter has become even better with these new changes:

  • Fewer ads! Yes, a sponsored post after every deal was super annoying, sorry. Now there will just be a sponsor blurb at the start, middle, and end of the email newsletter–and even fewer if you get custom Patron emails!
  • A new delivery time. Rather than coming towards the end of the day–when some deals are already expired–it will now come out at 11am EST, so you have more time to snag that deal.
  • A new email address! Emails now come from, so it should hit your spam less often. Add it to your contacts list to guarantee it doesn’t!
  • Optimizations for reading emails on small screens. Your strained eyes will thank me.
  • More visible links to change your email frequency, deal type, or unsubscribe. I’m sad to see you go but will make it easy for you 😀.

New MDM Deals Blog!

There’s so far not been a great place for me to post updates/announcements for MDM Deals, but now there is. Introducing the MDM Deals blog, your go-to place to see what’s new with MDM Deals. (Also available as an RSS feed)

Better movie deals: IMDB actors, Rotten Tomato ratings, & more

For a long time, movie deals were manually and thus poorly written. No more! In 2.1, updated movie descriptions now include:

  • The official IMDB plot description so you can know exactly what’s up
  • The official IMDB list of actors so you can know exactly who is in a film
  • Official IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings so you don’t have to take my word for a film’s quality. IMDB ratings are on a 0-10 scale and follow the star emoji (⭐️) while Rotten Tomatoes are 0-100% scale and follow the tomato emoji (🍅).
  • Movie bundles now come with per-film price, so you can easily see how great a deal the movie bundles are.

New channel to follow: Mastodon

MDM Deals is now on Mastodon! It’s on the instance, but you can join it from anywhere in the fediverse. Toot on! (Special thanks to my friend Matt Birchler for the API work to start this!)

Better curation (& no more Saturday deals)

The entire purpose of MDM Deals is curating deals. Other sites will regurgitate every price drop that happens, but that leaves you to wade through hundreds of junk deals to find things quasi-good. In 2.1, I’m taking this curation a bit further:

  • I’m tweaking my mental algorithm to privilege quality over quantity, further refining what deals make the cut. Rather than just weeding out junk and showing you the rest, I intend now to show you just deals worth your time and money.
  • I will no longer post deals on Saturdays because nearly all of the deals on Saturdays are junk. I’ve only posted regularly on Saturdays because I didn’t post some deals on Fridays and save them for Saturday. What this means for you is that you’ll get a better mix of deals on Friday & Mondays.

Groundwork laid for MDM Deals 3.0…

There’s some big plans in the works for the next stage of MDM Deals, and I’ve spent a lot of time laying the groundwork for that big update to come. It won’t be for a while, but I’ll write about it on the blog when the time comes, so stay tuned!

As always, if you have feedback, suggestions, or if there’s any other way I can serve you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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