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I’ve recently moved away from using the Mail app on my Mac, instead using webmail. There’s some great benefits to doing that–security, privacy, etc.–but there’s some limitations of it as well. I was so excited when I found this week’s sponsor, Open In Webmail, because of how wonderfully it fixes my main frustration. The developer is sponsoring a giveaway for MDM Deals fans, so make sure to read on to know how you can enter the contest!

One of the greatest limitations about using webmail is that hyperlinks to send someone an email (like this) just don’t work. If you click that link (go ahead, I’ll wait), it will open up your email app, populate the email address (seriously, did you not click it?), and even give you a subject line. Links like that are one of the most common ways to contact support because they’re quick, fast, and convenient.

Unless, that is, you use webmail. In which case clicking that link is a horrible experience–it opens up Mail, which then asks you to configure an account or it starts an email from the wrong account and you have to leave–and meanwhile you’ve lost the email address you wanted to use in the first place. If you’re technical, you can find the email address in the mailto HTML, but lots of people are up a creek and can’t contact the person they want.

And that’s why I love Open In Webmail. It’s a simple little utility that does one thing and one thing well: it opens email links in your webmail (and browser) of choice instead of the default mail app. In fact, behind the scenes, it becomes your default mail client so that all mail links automatically open in your webmail and browser of choice, no messy plugins or hacks needed.

Open in Webmail settings


Open in Webmail supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office365, Fastmail, Zoho, AOL, and Yandex–and it gives you the ability to create custom URLs that open so that if your webmail isn’t one of those, it can still work for you. Further, you can even choose which browser to open webmail in so that if (like me) you like to quarantine off your Gmail from the rest of your browsing, you can have mail links open in, say, Chrome, but do the rest of your browsing in, say, Safari.

Open In Webmail is the kind of app that you never knew you needed until you use it–and even when you use it, you’ll probably never open the app except for the initial configuration. Instead, it works silently in the background, making sure your mail links open properly, saving you time and frustration one mail link at a time. Open In Webmail is available in the Mac App Store for $0.99 and is worth every penny.

I’m thrilled to announce that the developer, Fred Potter, is sponsoring a giveaway for MDM Deal fans so that you can win Open In Webmail! I’ll be giving 6 codes to MDM Deal Patrons and another 4 to anyone who enters the drawing.

Click here to enter the drawing absolutely free!

My thanks to Fred Potter and Open In Webmail for supporting MDM Deals.

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