Prep for MDM Deals 2.4

After a crazy amount of work, MDM Deals 2.3 was launched in time for the monster list of Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Welcome to all the new followers and subscribers who found MDM Deals over the holiday! I look forward to helping you discover great deals on fantastic apps and movies.

As MDM Deals has grown and expanded where I’ve published, the amount of time it takes to publish each individual deal has grown, so MDM Deals 2.4 is about optimization so I can spend more time finding deals and less time publishing them.

As such, I need to hear from you if you’d like to follow MDM Deals on one of the following channels. I’m willing to support these channels if enough of you want to use the channel, but there’s no point in supporting them if just a couple folks are there! Join a channel below to show your interest or email me other thoughts

Thanks for your help! I look forward to serving you better!


P.S. I’m currently enjoying an iced mocha as I work on the site right now, but I make no money to pay for it with App Store affiliate links. Instead, I rely on my followers to support my work and make it worthwhile! So would you Buy Me my next Coffee?


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