Decline: Say no, beautifully [sponsor]

Decline Sticker pack

This week’s sponsor and giveaway is courtesy of my friend, Timothy Buck and his wife Alyssa, who have just released Decline, an absolutely gorgeous pack of hand-lettered iMessage stickers. You, like me, may not be a big iMessage sticker fan because so many of them are cheesy or dumb images that are too cutesy, too hard to remember where it was, or just plain dumb. But because Decline is none of those things–it is beautiful and has a clear use case–it now lives in my iMessage sticker draw.

Decline is all about saying no, in a wide spectrum of ways–coyly, unambiguously, politely, wittily, snarkily–but all of them beautifully. Check out the hand lettered designs (courtesy of Alyssa and her art studio):

Decline features 25 gorgeous hand lettered ways to say "no"

I can’t prove this, but I’m pretty sure folks will be less offended when I say no if I say it so beautifully. What I do know is that Decline is way more useful to me than all of the other stickers I’ve used. Most of the time, they’re ugly–and when they’re not, I can’t remember what sticker is where. But Decline is different because it is precisely clear when to use the sticker and where it is. If I need to say no, I use Decline. Simple as that.

My great thanks to Decline for sponsoring MDM Deals this week–and for offering a giveaway of the sticker pack! To enter the giveaway, take this short survey on how I can improve MDM Deals. You might win a copy of Decline or even an App Store gift card! Take the survey to enter!

Say no, beautifully. Download Decline from the App Store today.

Get it on the App Store today!

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