(Most) Tech Deals temporarily suspended


Hey gang,

Quick update: I am temporarily pausing most of Tech Deals as part of MDM Deals–not because of COVID-19 but because I need some time to figure out how to balance complying with Amazon’s rules while maintaining my values of integrity. Read on to get the full scoop.

MDM Deals is built around trust–that you trust me to publish deals because they’re fantastic and not because they benefit me in some way. Unfortunately, Amazon’s rules and policies forbid me from listing current prices on my website, email, or any channel. I thus published Amazon deals without listing the current price but the result just looks like clickbait.

That clickbait look directly violates the core value of trust upon which MDM Deals is based, so I’m going to suspend posting deals from Amazon until I can figure out a way to maintain trust with you and abide by Amazon’s policies. Since Best Buy has no such restrictions, you’ll still see fantastic deals listed, though their deals are fewer and further between.

On the topic of trust, just a quick reminder that any paid sponsorship is explicitly listed as [sponsor] wherever it appears. I have never done otherwise, nor will I do so–despite sleazes who have asked me to. If there’s no [sponsor] disclosed, then know that I chose to list something because I believed it was a great deal on a fantastic item. Now, I’m sometimes wrong that something was a great deal or fantastic–I reserve the right to make mistakes 😉–but that’s because I’m human, not because I’m failing to disclose some financial arrangement. In fact, I’ve actually turned down money from multiple sponsorship offers because I didn’t think their product was fantastic.

That’s what MDM Deals is–great deals on fantastic items–and that’s my pledge to you. Whether or not that makes me money is actually most up to those of you who Buy Me a Coffee or support the site via Patreon.

Thanks for your support and for being fans! As always, reach out to me if you have any concerns, questions, or comments!


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