Amazon Deals are back in MDM Deals 3.7!

Hey all! As you may recall, I launched Tech Deals as part of MDM Deals 2.6 and then quickly suspended Amazon tech deals because I didn’t have a method to post them which met my standards for integrity. I am excited to say that after much research and trial, I believe I’ve come up with a good solution–and so the deals are back!

Tech Deals: What to Expect

Every day, I will post ONE post on that contains all Amazon Tech Deals for the day; that post will include pictures, prices, a description, whether or not I recommend it, and an affiliate link to download the item from Amazon.

To comply with Amazon’s rules, I can’t publish that post with prices and direct links to all my channels; instead, what you’ll see if a list of the items on sale with a link back to my website so you can get current prices and see more details.

Updates to Book Deals & Whaller

As much as I loved curating Book Deals & Audiobook Deals, these took a disproportionate amount of time to curate (up to an hour a day) and just weren’t worth my time for how infrequently you were interested in them. To put numbers on it, I made an average of $0.36/hour, so…yeah…not so good. However, when a book I love goes on sale, I’ll still publish that through because there’s still some great stuff

One other minor thing–I will no longer be supporting Whaller as a publication channel. Only one of you followed there and I started to get some errors on the channel, so it is being discontinued as of today.

I have some other great stuff in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

And as a quick reminder–if you have saved money or discovered something through MDM Deals, would you give back a portion of that to help me keep the site up and running? I’d love your support, whether ongoing via Patreon or a one-time coffee via Buy Me a Coffee. Thanks!


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