OmniPlayer, a versatile video player with powerful features [sponsor]

Have you ever gone a week without watching a video? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So keep reading to make it an better experience with this week’s sponsor, OmniPlayer: a versatile media player that can handle virtually any video/audio format in a clean, modern design with flexible and powerful features. Not only is this MDM Deals ad-free this week, thanks to OmniPlayer, but the developer is even giving away 5 lifetime VIP unlock codes! Read on to learn how to get your unlock code.

Most of the media we consume in a given week is through the default players–video at Youtube, music in Apple Music, video via whatever opens up when you click it, etc.–but rarely are those defaults fine-tuned for the best media experience. OmniPlayer seeks to change all that, providing you a superior user experience than the default and supporting virtually every media format out there so it can be your one-stop shop for everything. Here’s just a few OmniPlayer features that stand out:

Dead-simple picture-in-picture (PIP), even for YouTube or Vimeo. That’s right. Even as YouTube drags its feet on supporting this across all browsers, OmniPlayer has it built in. From YouTube, just click the “Open in OmniPlayer” extension, select PIP, and watch away in the background.

Custom playback speed, video color, equalizer, and more! Watch YouTube, Vimeo, and more at your choice of speeds 0.25x-4x; adjust the audio equalizer to presets or your custom settings; change the color saturation or brightness; and much much more.

Capture screenshots and create GIFs. Most players have that annoying DRM protection that prevents you from screenshotting, but Omniplayer has the built-in ability to screenshot your video–and even turn a scene into a GIF!

Even more! Like preview images on the progress bar, ad-free YouTube (for those creators you support on Patreon), casting of media to Chromecast and other devices, recording your playback progress, and more!

Best yet, OmniPlayer is free to download and use, with an optional VIP option to unlock some of the advanced features mentioned above. It’s $9.99 to unlock for life, $3.99/month, or $6.99/year — but enter the drawing and you could be one of 5 MDM Deals fans who get the lifetime VIP 100% free!

Improve your media playback experience with OmniPlayer–download it for free on the Mac App Store today! My thanks to OmniPlayer for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.

Get it on the Mac App Store today!

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