Oka Unarchiver: a fast, simple, comprehensive, and powerful zip utility [Sponsor]

My thank to Oka Unarchiver for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

When people tell me that they won’t pay $5 for an app, I ask them if, on their deathbed, they’d pay $5 for another 10 minutes of life. Of course the answer is yes. Using the right app, even if it costs $5, can save you more than 10 minutes, especially over the lifetime of the app, and that’s not even putting a price on the frustration that the right app can save you. You can drive a nail in the wall with your fist, but a hammer will be faster and much less painful.

This week’s sponsor, Oka Unarchiver, an app that will save you time and frustration. It’s a fast, comprehensive, simple, and powerful zip/unzip tool — and best of all, the developer is making the premium version 100% free for MDM Deals fans! That’s right! They’re not only making MDM Deals ad-free the week (thanks Oka!) but they’re giving their app away, 100% free. Read on to learn more about Oka Unarchiver and how you can get it free!

Oka Unarchiver does a lot, but I want to highlight a couple of features;

  • Fast. In my tests, it’s 25% faster than Apple’s built-in zip and unzip utility. You literally get to do more in your life before you die because of this app. Oka Unarchiver saves you time.
  • Comprehensive. It can unzip basically everything, including tons of things I’ve never heard of: ZIP, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, x7, LZIP, ACE, ISO, CAB, PAX, JAR, AR, CPIO, and more!
  • Simple. Just drop and drag files in–even a bunch of files!–and you’re done. You’ll see previews of the files even before you’ve unzipped them! Nice.
  • Powerful. Password-protect files you compress, unzip password-protected files–and even remember those passwords so you never forget them!

It’s exactly what a file compression & decompression tool should be. And best of all, MDM Deals fans get the premium Lifetime VIP unlock 100% free for a limited time!

Just download Oka Unarchiver on the Mac App Store, click “VIP” in the upper right corner, and choose the lifetime unlock option which is free for a limited time. Act fast so you don’t miss out!

My special thanks to Oka Unarchiver for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

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