Beholder 2, 50% off ↘️ $3.99!

Beholder 2, 50% off ↘️ $3.99!

“Every citizen of our great State dreams of working at the Ministry! You’re lucky, intern. Though you’re at the bottom of the career ladder, that’s more than many of your fellow citizens will ever achieve! Have you already decided what you’re going to become? Will you become a diligent and responsible officer decorated by the Wise Leader himself? Or will you become a hardline careerist capable of destroying anyone who stands between you and the Prime Minister’s seat? Or maybe you’re just a whistleblower? If so, who sent you? And why?”. Read full description.⠀

Avg 4.7/5 stars (170+ ratings). 50% off, $7.99 ↘️ $3.99!⠀

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