MDM Deals 2021.1: Delete WhatsApp announcement

The last weeks have seen a massive exodus of people leaving privacy-intrusive WhatsApp for the far better, more secure, and privacy-protecting apps of Telegram and Signal. Since so many of you are flocking there and my goal has always been to support every platform I can, I’m proud to say that MDM Deals now has much improved Telegram support and, for the first time ever, is now on Signal!

Brand-new platform: Signal!

I’ve used Signal for years as my go-to messaging app and love its robust privacy protection–I’m now super excited to say that MDM Deals is now on Signal! Deals will come in once a day with a full text description of the deals, with emoji so you can easily tell them apart. This makes it a really great place to check in once a day for a complete, scannable list of all the deals without having to trust an algorithm to show you what you want or be afraid that you missed something. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

If you’re on Signal, join the open MDM Deals group! And if you’re not on Signal, delete WhatsApp and get private, secure communications from now on with Signal (free!). As a perk, join the MDM Deals group and you’ll get access to me on my most-used platform. I’d love to meet you there!

Telegram: Much-improved and expanded

This was fun to figure out and actually requires IFTTT Pro along with some nifty Javascript I paid someone to develop for me–but the improvements are so worth it. I’m so excited to announce it to you!

First off, the main MDM Deals Channel that has all the deals has a much improved system so that iOS & Mac App Store apps come in with previews and full content. I’m still working to get all other deals to appear with full content–it’s actually quite complex–but their titles now appear with emoji so that you can easily see what something is.

Second, I’m pumped to announce the creation of seven brand-new Telegram channels that allow you to get a more fine-tuned experience to see just the deals you want to see and ignore other deal types that might clutter up your view. I thought about keeping these as channels just for patrons, but I couldn’t help myself and am releasing them publicly:

Channels by OS type:

Channels by deal type:

If you’re on Telegram, click the links above to join these public groups–and spread the word to your Telegram friends! If not, download Telegram, delete WhatsApp, and exchange a privacy-intrusive app for Telegram (free)!

Another tweak

You’ll notice going forward that while I will always curate deals on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS apps and games–that’s the core of MDM Deals and its not changing–I’ll only be curating books, audiobooks, and tech deals when I have time. I’m in the middle of launching a couple other businesses–more on those later!–and so some days I won’t have time to curate book and tech deals.

One other quick note

You’ll notice that I had previously named “releases” or updates to MDM Deals like 1.5, 1.6, etc. Well, I found myself trying to hold back updates because I had some really big things planned for MDM Deals 3.0. I’ve thus decided to just label my updates with the year and the update number–in this case 2021.1–and I’ll just release updates as they make sense to release rather than to hit an arbitrary number.

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