Announcement: MDM Deals 2021.2

Hey fans

A quick update today to let you know that I’m pausing my daily curation of Tech Deals, at least for the time being. Not too many of you have been purchasing tech items through my site and so the end result is that I make approximately $0.33/hour curating tech deals. That means I’m spending a lot of time on them for not much and even though its not all about the money for me, that low amount also means that you don’t find them particularly useful. If I can find a way to bring them back in a more useful way in the future, I’ll consider that–and I’m open to your feedback–but, for now, we’ll stick with books and with apps.

BTW, the new Telegram and Signal channels are doing quite nicely and Signal is actually becoming my go-to place to see deals myself. It’s great to see them all one quick place. Check it out!

And I’m proud to say that there are now 4,300 followers across all our channels. That’s amazing. Thanks for your support to keep making MDM Deals better! As always, I rely on your support to keep everything up and running. Would you Buy Me a one-time Coffee or support me ongoing on Patreon with perks for you? You’d be awesome if you did. Thanks!


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