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This week of ad-free MDM Deals is brought to you by Strides, the app that tracks your goals and habits all in one place. I’ve been using Strides for over 6 months and it has made such a big difference in my life that I asked the developer if he’d sponsor a giveaway. I’m thrilled to say he is giving away five lifetime unlocks ($80 value)! Strides is the best app I’ve discovered in the last year–and it’s a free download, so you’ll definitely want to read on and enter the giveaway.

Update 4/14: I discovered yesterday that the largest MDM Deals channel had a technical error that prevented those followers from seeing this giveaway opportunity until now. I’ve thus extended the giveaway’s deadline by a week in order to let them take part in the giveaway.

We all want to improve our lives–at least I hope you do–whether that’s learning a new language, losing weight, growing your business, improving your relationship with your spouse, accelerating your career, or becoming a better parent. The trouble is that while it’s easy to want growth, it’s harder to form a good goal (for help on that, BTW, I highly recommend Goals by Brian Tracy (Amazon, Apple Books))–but hardest of all is keeping yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly growth path towards your goal.

Enter Strides. Strides enables you to keep track of your goals and habits, all in one simple easy place. Have a goal to read 90 books in one year like I do? (Yes, I’m a nerd–but it helps me curate Book Deals!) In order to reach it, you need to know your progress at least week-by-week if not day by day, but if it’s April 7th, how many should you have already read to hit the goal? Are you ahead or behind? If behind, how many do you need to read to catch up? If you’re ahead, how much can you slow down? You won’t hit your yearly goal without tracking your progress, but it’s ridiculously hard to do that yourself.

Strides takes all the guesswork out with dead-simple trackers of your goals and habits. Here’s what my Strides reading trackers look like:

On the left you’ll see my “read 90 books goal” and the right shows how I’m tracking what types of books I’m reading. I should have read 23.8 books on April 7th but I have read 26; since I’m ahead of pace (yay!), my new reading pace is 1.64 books/week but if I continue at my current pace I’ll reach my goal on December 1st (and have another month to hit an even higher number!) Strides makes it dead simple to keep me on track so I can adjust my goal day to day and week to week to stay on track.

Strides works for habits too! To grow in being a better husband, I’ve made a habit/goal of expressing appreciation to my wife three times a day. As you can see, my January got off to a decent start and then fell off a hill. I’m not perfect–and that’s the point of growing–but Strides makes me aware of my progress and status so that I can adjust accordingly and adjust as needed. For what its worth, my wife noticed I was being more appreciative–without me ever telling her it was something I’m working on. Thanks for a better marriage, Strides.

Strides adds a lot of power to make it manageable to track whatever you want: suggested habits and goals, do-it-yourself ones, tags, projects with milestones (for those bigger goals), custom reminders and text, custom alerts to log your progress, and more. Strides is a free download with a premium subscription ($4.99/month, $39.99/year, $79.99/life) that unlocks unlimited trackers and more advanced features like tags. I’ve paid for the lifetime premium unlock and couldn’t be happier; I initially balked at the price, but I realized after my initial trial that Strides is helping me improve nearly every area of my life. $80 for better health, a better marriage, and better career? Sign me up. I’d be a fool not to.

I’m thrilled to let you know that the developer is giving away 5 lifetime premium unlocks completely free. You read that read–five codes of an $80 value. Two codes will be given away to any financial supporter of MDM Deals and three codes will be given away to anyone who enters the giveaway below.

If you’re an active patron, you’re already entered for the supporter giveaway; if you become become a patron or buy me a coffee before the 14th 21st* then you’ll get an entry into that giveaway as well. Yet another perk for people who enable MDM Deals to keep going!

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My thanks to Strides for sponsoring MDM Deals this week and to all the Patrons whose ongoing support makes this site possible!

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