FoodyLife : The Food Diary App, 40% off ↘️ $2.99!

FoodyLife : The Food Diary App, 40% off ↘️ $2.99!

“You will be able to explore your eating habits visually and improve your eating habits. The inspiration behind FoodyLife is that nowadays people pay little attention to what they eat and often eat unhealthy food. Although there are many similar apps on the market (e.g. Fitness App, Calorie counter…), most of them focus mainly on “numbers”, such as how many calories the user has eaten and how long the user should exercise to get rid of those calories, or sending the user notifications when they should get up to exercise or if they have eaten too much”. Read full description.⠀

Avg 4.5/5 stars (92 ratings). 40% off, $4.99 ↘️ $2.99!⠀

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