Announcement: Technical difficulties (waterlogged phone)

So…one of the things we enjoyed on our vacation was a waterpark. One of the things my wife didn’t enjoy was when our son splashed her on a raft. She screamed. The dashing white knight I am, I jumped out of my raft and ran to her when I heard her scream. My phone was in my pocket and despite Apple claiming it waterproof for exactly these kinds of “falls into the pool”, it died. I tried the bag of rice, no such luck, so I’m phone less at present.

Suffice it to say, no deals today. I’m trying to migrate things over to my iPad, but found out today that it won’t work to run the deals. I’ll try to troubleshoot it tomorrow and be back as soon as I can, but until further notice, deals won’t be happening.

Should I start a GoFundMe for a new phone?

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