MDM Deals is going MIA…

If you don’t normally read MDM Deal announcements, you’ll probably want to read this one. TLDR: I won’t publish to MDM Deals the next few weeks, starting October 1st. Read on to understand why.

Five years ago, I started MDM Deals because I loved discovering fantastic apps that could be life-changing. When a new app launched, it usually had a discount sale and so the idea of MDM Deals was born: helping you discover great deals on fantastic apps.

But the App Store has changed greatly in the lasts 5 years and great deals on fantastic apps are increasingly uncommon. Most existing fantastic apps now have subscriptions that are never discounted, there are fewer new fantastic apps each year, and those few fantastic that are launched use a freemium model.

The result is that it is increasingly rare to find a great deal on a fantastic app. In fact, those things feel increasingly mutually exclusive: app are usually junk but on sale OR fantastic and never on sale. You’ve seen this trend with increasingly light posts over the years. That raises a critical question:

What is the future of MDM Deals when there are no great deals on fantastic apps?

I don’t know. But before I spend an immense amount of time to completely retool my system to fix iOS 15 bugs, I need an answer to that question. I have some ideas about a pivot that stays true to MDM Deals’s goals, but I need to consider whether that can be worthwhile.

What this means for you

Don’t unsubscribe! Nothing is going to change without me announcing it first–you’re not suddenly gonna get health supplement ads because I sold the site without telling you. You’ll just notice that you don’t get deals delivered while I figure this out.

If you’re a Patron, I’m suspending billings so that you won’t be charged for October. No worries.

I’ll update you in a few weeks!

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