BundleHunt’s Holiday Bundle is live!

BundleHunt's 54 Mac app bundle!

If you’ve followed MDM Deals for any length of time, you know I love BundleHunt–and they’re back with a giant bundle of 54 Mac Apps! Pay just $3 to unlock the bundle, then save on 54 macOS Monterey-ready apps. The unlock price will increase over time, so act fast to lock in your savings.

Here’s a few apps that have caught my eye; note these are not recommendations, just apps that stood out from the pack.

  • Tumult Hype – “Create stunning animated and interactive web content,” $49.99 ↘️ $5.50
  • App Tamer – Identify and then slow down or stop apps that are using too much CPU or energy. Gives you far more information and control than standard Mac defaults–and with built-in configurations to deal with Chrome. $14.95 ↘️ $5
  • MacPilot – Unlock over 1,200 “hidden features” and tweaks in macOS and other apps in an easy-to-use interface. $29.95 ↘️ $2
  • Shredo – “Securely erase files on your Mac” by overwriting data. $7.99 ↘️ $2
  • Rocket Typist – “Save snippets of text so you’ll never have to retype them ever again.” Like TextExpander, but without the subscription. $9.99 ↘️ $2
  • PullTube – “Download online video, audio, playlist subtitles form over 1000+ website” $14.99 ↘️ $4

There are many other that will interest you, depending on your needs, so check out the full bundle!

P.S. If you’re interested in helping build the future of MDM Deals, please get in touch! I’m almost ready to begin my alpha test and there will be benefits for folks who get in early!

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