BundleHunt latest deal & a special Unclutter Deal

Before you read on, I want to make sure you know that there’s a really special sale on Unclutter–one of my favorite and most-used apps–and you should most definitely check it out. The team behind Unclutter is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and they’re donating all the profits of their sale. Please check out the Unclutter blog post and sale.

Also, BundleHunt is back with their latest bundle, featuring some incredible apps, including:

  • Little Snitch – Probably the best app out there to identify if someone is hijacking your machine
  • iMazing (former sponsor) – Powerful iOS device manager that unlocks tons of useful features, including the best iOS backup system I know of
  • Typinator – An interesting text expander program that isn’t subscription like TextExpander is
  • Squash – Powerful image resizdgin & optimizing app
  • Forklift – The best ftp client I know of
  • And over 30 others! Some are pretty niche, but you might find a gem here that solves a need, so definitely worth checking out!

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