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Have you ever tried to put a nail in the wall with a pair of pliers? To cook a turkey with a cigarette lighter? Or to clean a ceiling fan with a nail file?

You might be able to get the job done, but it’d be a pain in the neck and would take forever. Using the wrong app is the same: you might get the job done, but it will waste your time and be painful.

I’m MarkDMill and I started MDM Deals to help you discover great deals on fantastic apps & more. Each week, I curate the hundreds of apps that go on sale to bring you just great deals on fantastic apps.

Two flavors of MDM Deals

Whether you want a free introduction to MDM Deals or want to jump straight into the Premium Club, I’m here to serve you!

MDM Deals Club MDM Deals
CurationSome deals All the deals
FrequencyOnce a weekTwice a week
Flash DealsNoYes
Club NewsletterNoYes
App of the WeekNoYes
– Utility of the WeekNoYes
– Shortcut of the WeekNoYes
– Tip of the WeekNoYes
– Club Q&ANoYes
– The Book CornerNoYes
App GiveawaysNoYes
PriceFree$5/mo or $50/yr
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Whatever you choose, it’s my pleasure to serve you!

If you’re a developer

MDM Deals has an audience of thousands of discerning app lovers. If you want to promote your app or other product before thousands, check out my sponsorship package, contact me for more details, and ask about my indie developer discount!

Check out my thanks and credits to people who have supported MDM Deals, including all those whose app logos appear in the header image.

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