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My name is Mark Miller and I love apps. I love their power, what they enable me to accomplish, how they help me be healthier, and how they help me accomplish my task. Getting the right app for a job enables me to be more productive, less frustrated, and more focused on my goal rather than being frustrated by the tool I’m using. You’d never try to put a screw in a wall using a paper clip–well, maybe you have, but it was frustrating and time-consuming–but often times we do the same thing with poorly designed apps.

I started this site to help others find apps that are perfect for their jobs…but without breaking the bank. And as thousands of apps go on sale each week, you don’t have time to go through all the junk deals to find the few that are worth your time and money. That’s why I go through all the deals and curate them, helping you discover great deals on fantastic software.

Check out all the deals or filter the deals to see just what you want–and then follow MDM Deals all across the internet so you never miss another deal. We currently publish our deals via:

  • Email (brand new!) – Brand new and now open to everyone, you can now get all the deals of the day sent to you in one easy email a day. No need to come back to the site or worry about if you saw all the deals, get one simple email once a day with all the deals there!

  • Filtered email – This has taken a long time to figure out, but you can now get highly customized deals for just iOS, Mac, or both–and any combination of apps, games, or movies that you want! Coming soon to Patrons of the site!

  • Line (new!) – Get all the deals coming to you in an easy chat window–and be notified by the deals as they come in (or silence notifications, I don’t care 😀).

  • RSS – Not only do deals come to you via RSS, but you can choose to filter the deals by platform (iOS, Mac, Movie) and kind (apps, games, or both) to get just the kind that you want.

  • Twitter – Where MDM Deals started! Get deals in your stream with unique hash tags so that you can mute or search for just the kinds of deals you want.

  • Reddit – Our largest online community. See what everyone else likes by what gets upvoted and down voted most–and join in the fun!

  • Apple News – The most elegant way to get MDM Deals. Subscribe to my channel and get deals delivered to you in your news feed. I also have sub-channels for iOS, Mac, and Movie deals if you’re looking for just those.

  • Slack – With separate channels for all deals, iOS, Mac, and Movie deals, Slack is a great place to quickly browse through deals without any clutter or extraneous things.

  • Tumblr – It’s down, but it’s not out! Follow MDM Deals to get each post delivered to you, with lots of hash tags to help you find what you want.

  • – The most up-starty channel I publish to. I have no idea how many of you follow us there, but it’s not insignificant. Join the party and follow along!

  • Instagram – See the logos and descriptions of apps right there in your Instagram feed, coupled with fun descriptive hash tags for your viewing pleasure.

  • LinkedIn – It took some crazy work (Workflow to IFTTT to Buffer to LinkedIN) to publish deals on LinkedIn, but they’re now here! Like & follow our page to get deals there! Note: LinkedIn does hide some of our content, so make sure to interact with it each time it appears so its algorithm knows you want to see the deals

  • Pinterest – You might not think this is a place for MDM Deals, but it is! There’s separate boards for iOS, Mac, and Movie deals so that you can follow just what you want.

  • Telegram (iOS only) – The least-appreciated channel, in my opinion, but a fantastic one to quickly get deals without any other clutter or posts crowding things out. Simple, clean, and easy, it’s one of my favorite channels.

  • Facebook – If this is where you enjoy the web, like and follow the MDM Deals page to get deals delivered to you. Note that Facebook won’t show you everything I post, so you’ll have to check the page & like a lot so its algorithm knows you want to get all the deals.

Check out all the deals or filter the deals!

If you’re a developer and want to get your app in front of 1,100+ app enthusiasts, check out our sponsorship package!

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