The best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on iOS & Mac apps!

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday!

In years past, I’ve looked through over 5,000 apps on sale for Black Friday and curated a comprehensive list of the ones that might interest you; this year as MDM Deals is going through a bit of a pivot, I’m doing something a bit different and not even attempting to look through ever deal or be comprehensive, instead just listing some particularly great deals that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: most of the links below are just a link, but some are an affiliate link which supports this site at no cost to you. Thanks in advance for your support! More.

  • Applaudables 12-app Bundle – Get one app at 50% off or the entire bundle for just $75 instead of the retail price of $350. The bundle includes Unclutter (one of my favorite apps), DaisyDisk, Default Folder X, Path Finder 10, Squash 3, TextSniper, TextSoap 9, Aeon Timeline 3, Better Zip 5, Peremut 3, uBar 4, and Unite 4.
  • BundleHunt‘s last bundle is still running with dozens of apps on sale to varying degrees, including some great gems like Screens (also on sale separately, see below), Aftershot pro, Coherence, Boom 3D, TextSniper, Capto, and more!
  • Parallels, 20% off – The best way to run Windows on your Mac, hands down.
  • BookTrack (iOS; Mac), 30% off for the first time ever. The absolute best way I’ve found to manage your book library and reading progress in a privacy-protecting, beautifully designed app.
  • iStat Menus, 75% off – See any stats about your Mac at a glance; I use this to see my network speed in my menu bar and love it. Snowflake weather by the same developer is also on sale.
  • SetApp, 60% off, just $42 – Get a subscription to over 200 apps, downloadable upon demand; use code BFSAVE40 to lock in total savings
  • Apptorium Apps, up to 40% off – SideNotes, Workspaces (use it all the time and love it), TeaCode, Expressions, FiveNotes, and ScreenFocus are all on steep discount
  • Devon Technologies, 25% off – Get all products 25% off, including DevonThink, DevonThink To Go, etc.
  • Stacksocial apps are 40% off with code BFSAVE40; check out in particular the Mac Bundle, SetApp, PDF Expert, AdGuard, and Babbel.
  • VidJuice Youtube (and other sites) video downloader, 15% off with code VIDDLY15. The YouTube video downloader I use.
  • Screens, 30% off with code BFS21 – The best way to remotely login to your Mac from another computer or phone, anywhere in the world.
  • Houdah apps, 30% off HoudahSpot and more with code BLACKFRIDAY2021
  • Readdle apps, up to 50% off – Get PDF Expert (great app) or Calendars are big discount
  • Things, 30% off – The best task management app out there, all versions currently on sale.
  • Affinity Photo, 30% off – Powerful photo editing and management; other Affinity apps also on sale (Publisher, Designer)
  • Pixelmator apps – A perfect blend of power and ease-of-use
  • Paprika apps – The best recipe manager out there
  • 🆕 BetterTouchTool & BetterSnapTool, 30% off – Use code BLACKFRIDAY_2021 to save 30% off BetterTouchTool and BetterSnapTool; I use the latter and couldn’t live on my Mac without it.

Missing something? Let me know!

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