Official Apple AirPods, 10% off, now $145



Official Apple AirPods

Apple’s official AirPods are having a very rare sale right now at Amazon, 10% off; normally $159, now $144. I got these 7-8 months ago and, if you haven’t gotten them yet, I HIGHLY recommend them to you–they are a “it just works” magical product that only Apple can produce. This sale won’t last long, so hurry over to Amazon and get them.

Get them on Amazon today!


Sudoku: Master Edition ➡️ free! [sponsor]


Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, Sudoku: Master Edition is the Sudoku app for you. With a stunning minimalist design, beautiful customizable fonts, Apple Pencil integration, and multiple game modes, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple chose to feature it as Game of the Day back in September. And since it’s 100% free to download and play, do you even need to know more than that?

Designed from the ground up for both seasoned Sudoku addicts, as well as newcomers,  this version of the classic logic puzzle can be customised to your needs and preferences – like fonts, colours, game mode, Zen mode, as well as options you didn’t even know you needed (until now).  It even has handwriting recognizing so you can play using Apple Pencil.

Though far from an addict, I enjoy Sudoku–and I enjoy it more in this app than with paper because of the time the developers took to really sweat the details and get things right. In particular, they really spent time to set good default settings so that while you can customize virtually everything, it works beautifully without tweaking anything. If you enjoy Sudoku, or just want to see a beautifully designed app, download Sudoku: Master Edition for free on the App Store today!

My thanks to Hoolatron Studios for their support of MDM Deals!


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