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Crop, splash, adjust, rotate, draw, add text, add filters and hordes of effects; avg 4.5/5 stars (420+ ratings); was $1.99, now free!

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Deals are back up!

Well, I didn’t get any help from Apple with their search, so I took the weekend to totally retool how deals go up. It results in much more work for me, but the deals still come through for you. Lemme know if any don’t post correctly, as they may need to be done fine-tuning. Hope you enjoy!


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Update: Deals for Saturday too

Hey all — so since I am still unable to access Apple’s system in a programmatic & automated way, I’ve manually assembled deals for yesterday and today. I’m hoping Apple will fix this soon so that deals can come out faster. As always, if you don’t get deals in your normal channel, check back at the main site for a status update.

So let’s get to the deals!

Update 10/27 – today’s deals are really light, so I’ve just added them to this page. Enjoy!


  • 🆕 Rookie of the Year – the classic comedy, $14.99 ↘️ $4.99
  • The Revenant, multiple Emmy-winning film with Leonardo DiCaprio, $14.99 ↘️ $4.99
  • Boss baby – hilarious animated film voiced by Alex Baldwin; $14.99 ↘️ $7.99
  • Jaws – everyone’s favorite shark film; $14.99 ↘️ $4.99
  • The Mummy (1959) – classic horror film, $9.99 ↘️ $4.99


  • 🆕 Repost & Save – Easily repost and/or save Instagram photos and stories $1.99 ↘️  free
  • Linea Sketch – A beautiful sketching app, with a simple yet powerful design; supports Apple Watch; 👍🏼👍🏼; $7.99 ↘️ $4.99!
  • Remote Control for Mac – Control your Mac from iPhone or iPad, including powerful new Siri Shortcuts to trigger actions on your Mac (seriously amazing); great for automation; 👍🏼👍🏼; $9.99 ↘️ free!
  • Focus To-Do – A to-do app combined with a focus timer and time tracker; $0.99 ↘️ free
  • World Clock Pro Mobile – See, compare, and calculate time zones at a glance from your widget area; $2.99 ↘️ $1.99
  • Find my Fitbit – An app that will help you find your Fitbit…or refund your money; $5.99 ↘️ $3.99
  • Star Rover – Brilliant map to the night sky, with over 120,000 stars; just point your iPhone overhead to see what you see; $1.99 ↘️ free!
  • American Heritage Dictionary – The classic American dictionary, 2018 version; $14.99 ↘️ $6.99
  • Oxford English Dictionary – The detailed researched dictionary; $19.99 ↘️ $9.99


  • Chronicle – Save you time and money managing your finances with native bill reminders, saving planners, intelligent estimator, and more. $14.99 ↘️ $9.99

Technical difficulties: Apple’s API down

Update 10/26: Still down; I’m working on an alternate means but don’t think I’ll be able to get to it in time for today’s email. My apologies!

Unfortunately, I’m unable today to access Apple’s iTunes & App Stores to generate links & info about the sales. I will attempt to publish deals later today, but can’t make promises as it will depend on when Apple’s system works again. My apologies and stay posted!

– Mark

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