Giveaway of 3 apps I love: Fantastical, Mini Metro, & Pixelmator

Patreon giveaway

I’m excited to announce that we just hit a goal on my Patreon campaign. As a thank you to all of you who have jumped in, I’m giving away a copy of Fantastical, Mini Metro, & Pixelmator to three lucky Patreons! If you’re a Patron, enter the giveaway here–and if you pledge $5 or more a month, I’ve already entered you in with your 10 or 20 bonus entries.

If you’re not a Patron, this is your time-limited offer! Join Patreon before the drawing concludes on October 22nd to get a chance to win one of these apps–and if you pledge $5 or more a month, you’ll get 10 or more bonus entries into the drawing!

And, even apart from the drawing, can I ask you to support this site on Patreon so that it can continue to exist? Below is a chart of my revenue now that Apple ended the affiliate program. It’s not pretty:

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 16.27.52

What that means is that running these deals now costs me more than it makes me–and unless the Patreon campaign picks up, I’ll need to stop running MDM Deals. The good news is, I know that I save each of you more than $1 a month. If you’d chip in just $1 a month, I can keep MDM Deals open and even expand.

Pledge now on Patreon and keep curated deals coming to you!



Back to normal!

Technical difficulties are over & deals are up for the last two days. As it turns out, the problem was Apple’s App Store search API has being flakey, but seems all is running normal now. Thanks for your patience and enjoy today’s deals! I’m particularly stoked about the lowest price ever on Spiderman 🙂.

Technical difficulties

Hey all,

I’m encountering some serious technical difficulties getting deals out–but since I have no idea what error is going on or how to resolve it, I’m asking you smart people out there–do any of you know what this error is or how to fix it or even troubleshoot it?

Links, Google Plus, & Patreon giveaway!

Hey MDM Deal fans!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on some changes to this site, some which you may have noticed and some not.

First, MDM Deals is now on Google Plus. For the three of you who still use it, knock yourself out 😀.

Second, Apple made some changes in iOS 12 that prevented me from posting deals across the web in the way I did before (I’ll spare the details, but it took TONS of time to fix and I’m still cleaning up the mess) AND Apple ended its app affiliate program. The result of both of those changes is that all links now redirect to the article on this website first and that I had to remove some of the filtering options from the social media feeds. Sorry for the inconvenience/extra step that creates, but it was necessary.

Third, the Patreon campaign is up to $24/month and is just $1 away from triggering a giveaway of some of my favorite apps! I know what I’m giving away and they’re great–definitely worth jumping in on.

And…Patreon is the primary way that I can keep the lights on at MDM Deals–so if you appreciate my curation, if I have saved you money, or if I’ve helped you find new apps, would give back some of what I’ve saved you, even just $1/month? Not only will it keep the site running, but there are some great rewards for joining in at higher tiers too. Check out the Patreon page for more details.

Thanks much!




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