Infographics Lab – Templates, 92% off ↘️ $1.99!

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Infographics Lab – Templates (💻)
Over 3,000 files to create stunning Keynote templates & presentations; avg 4.5/5 stars (180+ ratings); 92% off, was $24.99, now $1.99!

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Update: Save another 25% on the Epic Mac Deal!

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So remember yesterday’s bundle of apps that was so great some of you literally told me it can’t be true? The bundle where you get Fantastical 2, PDF Expert, iStat Menus, iLocker Pro, & 4 other apps for just $29?

It just got better. Save another 25% when you use the code DOWNLOADIT. That brings your price down to $22.50 for a savings of $455, or over $95 off.

Fantastical–the Apple Design Award winning calendar–is normally $49, but now you can get it 55% off–plus another 7 apps. Highly recommended.

PDF Expert–the App of the Year Award-winning PDF manager–is normally $79, but now you can get it 72% off–plus get another 7 apps. Highly recommended.

Get the idea?

And if you’re wondering if this is legit–it is. Before promoting it out to you all, I wanted to make sure it worked and purchased it with the code–it works, as do the downloads. I’m not sure how long the 25% off code will work, so I’d suggest jumping on this deal ASAP!

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Epic Mac bundle: Fantastical, PDF Expert, iStat Menus & 5 more apps, 93% off, ↘️ $29.99!

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Epic Mac Bundle

I honestly cannot believe this deal exists. Get a bundle of 8 Mac apps normally worth $478 for just $29.99 $22.50 with code DOWNLOADIT–and this is a steal because those apps include three apps I highly recommend: the best Mac calendar out there & winner of an Apple Design Award, Fantastical 2 (normally $49.99); the best PDF manager out there & winner of Apple’s App of the Year Award, PDF Expert ($79.99); and a fantastic app to get critical system stats at a glance, iStat Menus ($14.99).

If you’ve ever wanted Fantastical 2, you can get it in the bundle for functionally 40% 54% off (the lowest price I recall ever)–or if you’ve ever wanted PDF Expert, you can get it 64% 72% off–plus get another 7 apps for free, including Flux 7, Panic 8, Command-Tab Plus, iLocker Pro, Ultdata Recovery, and the excellent iStat Menus 6. This bundle is seriously worth it if you want just one of those apps–but you get 8 instead. This bundle will only be available a few more days–get it while you can as you won’t get another chance on something this good anytime soon!

Get the Epic Mac bundle via StackSocial!

PS. If you’ve never purchased from StackSocial before, you can get another 10% off by joining their newsletter. The email list has a lot of volume and a lot of junk in it, but it’s easy to unsubscribe after you get your 10% off code.

P.P.S. Make sure to use code DOWNLOADIT to save another 25% off your order, bringing the total down to $22.50. I cannot believe what a good deal that is–that’s over 95% off!

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