Giveaway of 3 apps I love: Fantastical, Mini Metro, & Pixelmator

Patreon giveaway

I’m excited to announce that we just hit a goal on my Patreon campaign. As a thank you to all of you who have jumped in, I’m giving away a copy of Fantastical, Mini Metro, & Pixelmator to three lucky Patreons! If you’re a Patron, enter the giveaway here–and if you pledge $5 or more a month, I’ve already entered you in with your 10 or 20 bonus entries.

If you’re not a Patron, this is your time-limited offer! Join Patreon before the drawing concludes on October 22nd to get a chance to win one of these apps–and if you pledge $5 or more a month, you’ll get 10 or more bonus entries into the drawing!

And, even apart from the drawing, can I ask you to support this site on Patreon so that it can continue to exist? Below is a chart of my revenue now that Apple ended the affiliate program. It’s not pretty:

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 16.27.52

What that means is that running these deals now costs me more than it makes me–and unless the Patreon campaign picks up, I’ll need to stop running MDM Deals. The good news is, I know that I save each of you more than $1 a month. If you’d chip in just $1 a month, I can keep MDM Deals open and even expand.

Pledge now on Patreon and keep curated deals coming to you!



Technical difficulties

Hey all,

I’m encountering some serious technical difficulties getting deals out–but since I have no idea what error is going on or how to resolve it, I’m asking you smart people out there–do any of you know what this error is or how to fix it or even troubleshoot it?

Links, Google Plus, & Patreon giveaway!

Hey MDM Deal fans!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on some changes to this site, some which you may have noticed and some not.

First, MDM Deals is now on Google Plus. For the three of you who still use it, knock yourself out 😀.

Second, Apple made some changes in iOS 12 that prevented me from posting deals across the web in the way I did before (I’ll spare the details, but it took TONS of time to fix and I’m still cleaning up the mess) AND Apple ended its app affiliate program. The result of both of those changes is that all links now redirect to the article on this website first and that I had to remove some of the filtering options from the social media feeds. Sorry for the inconvenience/extra step that creates, but it was necessary.

Third, the Patreon campaign is up to $24/month and is just $1 away from triggering a giveaway of some of my favorite apps! I know what I’m giving away and they’re great–definitely worth jumping in on.

And…Patreon is the primary way that I can keep the lights on at MDM Deals–so if you appreciate my curation, if I have saved you money, or if I’ve helped you find new apps, would give back some of what I’ve saved you, even just $1/month? Not only will it keep the site running, but there are some great rewards for joining in at higher tiers too. Check out the Patreon page for more details.

Thanks much!




A new logo for a new model: MDM Deals now on Patreon


You’ll notice something new around MDM Deals today: some fantastic new graphic work by Max Design, replacing my ham-fisted attempt at art a year ago (seriously, not my strong suit). That new design, though, comes at a perfect time, as I make some changes to the site that will make it even better for you.

I have loved building up an audience of people who loves great deals on fantastic apps & movies and seeing you support the site as you’ve made purchases through my links. But since Apple is ending their app affiliate program, MDM Deals will lose the vast majority of its revenue in a matter of days. Rather than end MDM Deals, though–which I considered long and hard–I’ve decided to re-focus on a goal I’ve always had: being a fan-supported site that justifies my time to run–and even grow!–the site. That’s why I’m very excited to announce the start of a MDM Deals Patreon page.

If you haven’t heard about Patreon, they’re a company passionate about helping creators like MDM Deals to be supported and furthered by the support of their fans (called Patrons)–and, in turn, for those creators to rewards their Patrons with special rewards for being part of the work! I am super excited to offer you some great rewards for joining, rewards like:

  • Custom filtered emails, showing you just the deals you want for just the devices you have. Get only what you want, today.
  • Receive extra raffle entries, giving you better odds than normal fans of winning app giveaways. (Oh, and next week I’m giving away PDF Expert, so it’s not a bad time to get in!)
  • Get personal app recommendations, getting you the app you need without having to do any research. I’ll do it for you.
  • Win App Store & iTunes gift cards in exclusive Patron-only raffles and drawings!
  • And even more!

If just 10% of you pledged towards MDM Deals on Patreon, I’ll guarantee that MDM Deals is not going away at the end of the month–and as more and more of you join in, I’ll be able to grow MDM Deals to be ad-free, to do weekly app giveaways, include Mac deals not from the Mac App store, and even more.

Head over to Patreon and support MDM Deals–and hurry, because I’m giving away an app and a $25 App Store gift card to some of the first people who sign up!


App giveaway: Scanbot is an award-winning scan app with OCR, markup, & support for multiple cloud services [sponsor]


My family and I are about to move overseas, which presents us with a massive problem: what do we do with documents we need as record, with keepsakes that we can’t take, or with the adorable paintings our two toddlers produce? We can’t or don’t want to throw these away but we don’t want to take up space saving them. You may not be moving, but I’m sure you’ve hit the same challenge of saving items but not wanting to take up space. Digitizing those items is a great solution, giving you access to them as needed but not taking up physical space–and so I’m very glad to share with you this week’s sponsor, Scanbot, an award-winning fully-featured app that is 100% free to download and use. Read on to learn more and enter the drawing to unlock Scanbot Pro!

The team behind Scanbot (doo GmbH) has tirelessly worked to make Scanbot a total scanning solution and their work has been recognized by Apple with an Editor’s Choice Award and as a three-time Best of App Store app. Downloaded over 10 million times on iOS & Android, it seems the market agrees–as I’ve used the app, I think it’s for two primary reasons. First, Scanbot makes it dead-simple to capture a scan and then, second, makes it super simple to process the scan.

Scanbot 1

For capture, Scanbot features automatic page detection and automatic capture, even if a page is misaligned or at an angle, though if it’s too severe Scanbot will offer a prompt to ensure a high-quality image. From the scan, Scanbot can generate a PDF or OCR the text with a superb OCR engine (see image above). The entire process takes just seconds, faster than my flatbed scanner and rivaling even dedicated scanners–but always with you in your pocket!

Once scanned, Scanbot once again makes it super simple to process the scan. You can easily highlight, markup, or sign the document–and can set it to automatically upload the scan to a location of your choice in virtually any cloud storage service (iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Evernote, OneNote, Box, and more) and manually set up “workflows” to send it off to different locations with the touch of a button, including sending it as a fax from within the app for those times you can’t fully embrace the 21st century.


Scanbot 2

While other scanning apps exist, you will be hard-pressed to find any which matches, let alone beats, the features, simplicity, and ease of Scanbot. Best of all, it’s 100% free to download, with IAP to unlock more advanced features. And just for MDM Deals followers, doo GmbH is giving away 5 codes to unlock Scanbot Pro, so download it today and enter the drawing to unlock the Pro version for free!

My thanks to doo GmbH and Scanbot for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


Technical difficulties

Hey all

I’m experiencing some technical difficulties with the site. I’ve been working with WordPress support for nearly 2 hours on it (while I’m on vacation nonetheless!) and we’re making progress, but I will not have deals up until much later today (and not in time for the email that will go out). If all goes well, I’ll be able to post them later today, in which case you will get a longer email tomorrow but not miss out on any deals.

Thanks for your patience!


App giveaway: Dejal Time Out, an app to improve mindfulness through regular breaks [sponsor]

Dejal Time out

I love how my Mac enables me to get so much done from anywhere in the world, but I’ll be the first to admit that I can get so absorbed on my work that I do unhealthy things, straining my eyes with long hours staring at the same angle at same distance at a screen or staying seated for hours at a time. The long-term health consequences of those activities are increasingly known, but few of us know how to manage the risks inherent to our device. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about this week’s sponsor, Dejal Time Out, an app that helps you build healthy habits by managing your breaks so you don’t have to.  Read on to learn more, download it for free, and enter a drawing to unlock it for free!

Designed to help you take regular breaks, Dejal Time Out is a simple utility that gently nudges to take breaks on a regular basis. You can customize all the settings, but it is set up to remind you to take two kinds of breaks. First is a “Micro” break of 15 seconds every 15 minutes, reminding you to look away briefly from your screen, breath deeply, or stretch before heading back to work. The second kind of break is a “Normal” break of 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of work, giving you a time to stand up, walk a bit, or get a drink of water. The lengths and durations are entirely customizable, but are set up to keep you healthy and rested while you’re working.


What I enjoy most about Dejal Time Out is how it strikes a great balance between nudging you to take a break and yet not intruding in your work. When it offers a reminder, for example, your screen gently fades and a customizable break reminder appears, but it also gives you the option to postpone the break or skip it altogether. That’s a really nice touch for when you can’t take a break (or are about to!)

Dejal break message.png

Dejal Time Out adds some great features for power users too, as it can optionally track breaks and app usage or perform actions before, during, or after a break–like pausing your music, playing relaxing sounds, running an Automator Script, or resuming music when it ends. And for non power-users, you can download pre-made actions and get the benefit of both worlds.

The developer has a great pricing model, as Dejal Time Out is 100% free to download and use, but a one-time non-subscription purchase permanently unlocks more advanced features. I encourage you to check it out today. I’m also excited that the developer is giving 5 MDM Deals fans a code to unlock all of Dejal Time Out. Enter the drawing free today!

My thanks to Dejal Systems and Dejal Time Out for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

Slight delay today

FYI, there’ll be a slight delay in deals today as my wife is having surgery. I’ll get them up ASAP but they likely won’t make the email that goes out today (they’ll be in tomorrow’s email regardless). Thanks everyone for following!

App giveaway: A Better Finder Rename, the best app to rename files on your Mac [sponsor]

Better Finder RenameI think we’ve all been in the situation I was in just yesterday–needing to rename enough files that it was tedious and annoying to do it manually: secondary clicking, selecting rename, typing the new name, and going on to the next one. In my case, it was especially insulting because the filenames were just sequential numbers (01, 02, 03, etc.) and there is no reason a person needed to do that job rather than a computer…which is why I am excited to share with you this week’s sponsor, A Better Finder Rename, an app that solved my problem in a matter of seconds, saving me immense frustration with an otherwise tedious task. Read on to learn more about it and enter to win a free copy!

A Better Finder Rename, like most great software, does one thing and one thing well–rename files–but the simplicity of that statement betrays the immense power and flexibility of the application. Want to use your music’s metadata to rename your songs correctly? Need to rename hundreds of photos from meaningless names like IMG_00273 to something intelligible like Taylor Swift concert 09? Have downloaded files with random names that you need to organize? A Better Finder Rename has you covered with 15 different categories of renaming options that can name files by text, parent folder, metadata, tags, date, number, and more (including RegEx for us nerds). The power here is quite impressive, allowing text to be replaced, converted, and truncated, even in multi-step operations–and yet A Better Finder Rename  is quite simple to use and generates a preview of the name so you can confirm it is correct before you run the operation.

In short, if you ever have to rename multiple files, there is no better app I know of than A Better Finder Rename to accomplish your task. A Better Finder Rename is free to download and $19.95 to unlock fully. And just for MDM Deals followers, the developer is giving away three copies 100% free! Enter the free drawing for your chance to win!

My thanks to Frank Reiff and A Better Finder Rename for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


World Clock Time Widget, the best app for viewing & calculating time zones ↘️ free Pro features for MDM Deals fans! [sponsor]

WorldClockTimeWidget There have been immense benefits as the the world has gotten flatter, more globalized, and more connected–about half of the traffic to this site comes from outside the US and, on a personal level, I met my non-American wife while overseas. But with those benefits has come an immense hassle of trying to keep up with everyone across different time zones. My family now lives across 4 different time zones, some of which use Daylight Savings and some which don’t so that I can never keep the time difference straight. That’s why I’m so thankful that World Clock Time Widget exists and that it is a sponsor this week. Read on to learn of a time-limited way to unlock the Pro version 100% free, without even a giveaway!

World Clock Time Widget is a delightful app that has been featured by Apple multiple times for its simple design fine-tuned to solve your time zone problem: displaying zones easily & calculating them simply. Simple to set up with your desired time zones, World Clock Time Widget displays those time zones in the widget area (my favorite) or via 3D Touch on the icon. With different ways to display time (analog, digital, 24-hour) and different themes, World Clock Time Widget makes it easy and delightful to see the times–a far cry from the stock Clock app which buries timezones in a tab that requires you to open the app.

However, my favorite part of World Clock Time Widget is that it can calculate time zones for you so that, if you want to know what time it will be in Beijing 5 hours from now, you don’t have to do that math–just tap forward on the arrows & World Clock Time Widget makes all those adjustments for you.

PNG image-CE6F6E2719C3-1

Whether, like me, you have family around the world or whether you do business and don’t want to have to remember that Arizona doesn’t follow Daylight Savings, you should definitely check out World Clock Time Widget. It’s free to download in the App Store, with an IAP for Pro features. However, for MDM Deals fans and for a limited time, the developer is making the Pro features 100% free. Just download the app today and unlock the Pro features on Thursday, April 5th or Friday April 6th!


My thanks to Lewis Smith and World Clock Time Widget for their support of MDM Deals.

App giveaway: Workspaces, remembering & launching your workspaces so you don’t have to, ↘️ free trial & giveaway [sponsor]


In today’s world, few of us do just one thing–we’re constantly juggling lots of tasks, projects, and jobs–and each one of those things requires that we have different documents, emails, websites, and apps open. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have just the right things open at just the right time, if you could set up your workspace once and launch it the next time instead of redoing everything? Now you can, thanks to Workspaces by Apptorium–read on to learn about it and enter a free giveaway!

Workspaces is the kind of app that you don’t know you need until you’ve used it and then it becomes immediately obvious how helpful it is. You set up Workspaces to remember the documents, websites, apps, emails, pictures, and information that you need for each task. Then, next time, launch that entire workspace with one click in the mbar bar, saving you the time and mental headache of finding and opening them everything each time. Use it a few times and you’ll see there’s no reason to do work any other way.

For example, each week I track stats from this site–deals published, downloads, money saved, giveaway interactions, sponsor engagement, etc. Doing so is tedious since I have to pull information from multiple sources and apps, then collect that in my spreadsheet. I invariably forget to track certain information or where to find it, so I set up a Workspace that will automatically open everything for me with one click. No more forgetting, no more having to stop to open a new site, no more wasting my mental energy on stupid things like that–Workspaces makes it fast, easy, and effortless.

I first saw Workspaces a year ago, but I initially didn’t go for it because I thought “I can just open all that stuff up myself”–but once you try Workspaces, you’ll see the value immediately. Yes, I can find and open all those items myself, but it is worth it to save the mental headache of  remembering what I need, where it is, opening it, and then stopping what I’m doing to find and open something I forgot. Workspaces means that my computer does what a computer can do, freeing my time, creativity, and mental energy to do what only I, a human being, can do. In an odd kind of way, Workspaces frees me from the work of a computer to be more human–and that’s a trade I’m willing to make every time.

So give Workspaces a try! It’s free to download and try from Apptorium and costs just $9 to purchase. You can also get it in the Mac App Store or via SetApp. The developers are also giving away 4 copies of Workspaces just for MDM Deal fans, so make sure to check that out!

My thanks to Workspacesand the developers at Apptorium for their support of MDM Deals.


13 more ways to get MDM Deals

Life is busy and, of all the things on the internet, the last thing you need is another site to check. That’s why I’ve worked super hard to publish MDM Deals on this website plus 13 other places so that you can get them in whatever way seems best to you. Rather than run a sponsorship this week, I wanted to let you know about each way you can follow the deals.

Email (new!) – I’ve been working hard on this for several months, but deals are officially out of beta testing! Not only do deals come to you in one email a day, but you can highly customize the deals you get. Whether you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and whether you want apps, games, or movies, you can sign up to get just the deals you want. This will become a paid option, but you can sign up this week only for free, so wait for the announcement (coming soon!)

LinkedIn (new!) – It took some crazy work (Workflow to IFTTT to Buffer to LinkedIN) to publish deals on LinkedIn, but they’re now here! Like & follow our page to get deals there! Note: LinkedIn does hide some of our content, so make sure to interact with it each time it appears so its algorithm knows you want to see the deals

RSS – Not only do deals come to you via RSS, but you can choose to filter the deals by platform (iOS, Mac, Movie) and kind (apps, games, or both) to get just the kind that you want.

Twitter – Where MDM Deals started! Get deals in your stream with unique hash tags so that you can mute or search for just the kinds of deals you want.

Reddit – Our largest online community. See what everyone else likes by what gets upvoted and down voted most–and join in the fun!

Apple News – The most elegant way to get MDM Deals. Subscribe to my channel and get deals delivered to you in your news feed. I also have sub-channels for iOS, Mac, and Movie deals if you’re looking for just those.

Slack – With separate channels for all deals, iOS, Mac, and Movie deals, Slack is a great place to quickly browse through deals without any clutter or extraneous things.

Tumblr – It’s down, but it’s not out! Follow MDM Deals to get each post delivered to you, with lots of hash tags to help you find what you want. – The most up-starty channel I publish to. I have no idea how many of you follow us there, but it’s not insignificant. Join the party and follow along!

Instagram – See the logos and descriptions of apps right there in your Instagram feed, coupled with fun descriptive hash tags for your viewing pleasure.

Pinterest – You might not think this is a place for MDM Deals, but it is! There’s separate boards for iOS, Mac, and Movie deals so that you can follow just what you want.

Telegram (iOS only) – The least-appreciated channel, in my opinion, but a fantastic one to quickly get deals without any other clutter or posts crowding things out. Simple, clean, and easy, it’s one of my favorite channels.

Facebook – If this is where you enjoy the web, like and follow the MDM Deals page to get deals delivered to you. Note that Facebook won’t show you everything I post, so you’ll have to check the page & like a lot so its algorithm knows you want to get all the deals.

Have another place you’d like to get deals? Let me know! and I’ll see if I can publish there too!

If you’ve made it this far, can I ask a favor? Could you tell someone about this site? Running it isn’t cheap or easy and I’d love your help in spreading the word about it. The more who follow it, the easier it is to get sponsors who want to give away apps to you!

Thanks for following MDM Deals and spreading the news, I super appreciate it!


App giveaway: Yoink, a shelf app to supercharge your productivity with better drag & drop [sponsor]


With improvements in iOS, Apple has delivered some super-charged productivity features, especially for iPad–improved multitasking, a dock, and system-wide drag and drop. While those improvements were massive, they still leave a lot to be desired and I find often that I need to collect scattered information from multiple apps and move it to another app where it has its final destination. This is still clumsy and awkward on iPad, which is why I’m such a big fan of Yoink. Read on to learn how to enter a giveaway to get Yoink absolutely free!

The best way to think of Yoink is as a temporary holding place where you can easily get everything you need into it–text, URLS, photos, documents, etc.–stack them together to keep things organized, and then easily get those things out once again. If, for example, you’re about to write a paper on myotonic goats and you’re researching in Safari; merely bring up Yoink in Slide-Over or Side-by-Sde app mode and drag everything you want to save into the app. Later, when you go to write the article, bring Yoink back up and drag out exactly what you want into the place you want. It’s seamless, uncluttered, and with rich previews in Yoink, you’ll always be able to find what you want.

But what makes Yoink so great is that the the developer has leveraged every iOS feature to make this as seamless and painless as possible: not only does Yoink support multi-tasking, but it has a keyboard extension, today widget, and action/share extensions as well so that, no matter what device you’re on or where you are in the app, you can easily store information in Yoink for use later. Yoink can even download files for you in the background and notify you when they’re done!

Yoink is just $2.99 in the iOS App Store and the Mac version is 40% off for a limited time. In addition, the developer is giving away 5 promo codes for Yoink on iOS, so make sure to enter the drawing for a chance to get it free!

My thanks to Yoink and Eternal Storms Software for their support of MDM Deals!

Win Soulver for free!


Don’t forget to enter the Soulver giveaway for a chance to a free copy of Soulver! Soulver is a fantastic app that solves a need that we all have–something more powerful than a basic calculator, something that mixes numbers and text well unlike a notepad, and also something less complex than a spreadsheet. Soulver does this perfectly, which is one reason I like it so much. Read more to enter the giveaway today for a chance to get it free!

My thanks to Acqualia Software and Soulver for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.

App giveaway: Soulver, faster than a spreadsheet but more useful than a calculator [sponsor]


We’ve all been in the situation before, needing not just to remember multiple numbers but to make some simple calculations–a calculator is too simple, a spreadsheet is too complex, and a notepad is too word-focused to be useful. Soulver, available for iOS and Mac, solves that problem entirely, which is why I’m thrilled they agreed to be a sponsor of MDM Deals when I asked. Read on to learn why I love the app so much and enter a giveaway to win it 100% free!

The brilliance of Soulver lies in the fact that it combines both text and numbers with a really great natural language parsing ability. This means that Soulver is perfect for back-of-the-envelope calculations or to play around with numbers. But to really see how useful it is, you need to see it in action and so here are two example of how I use it:

Soulver example

When I go grocery shopping with a budget, I need to track not just my total cost but also the cost of each item so that I know what to get more or less of when I have a final tally. A calculator can keep a running tally, but not a list of items; a notepad can keep a list, but not a running tally; a spreadsheet can do both, but is WAY too powerful to use as I shop. Soulver solves this amazingly, letting me track the running total at the bottom, the cost of each item on each line, AND the unit cost of each so that I can get more or less depending on what my budget it. Best yet, notice how Soulver automatically recognized and made the filet mignon calculation for me, just from the text that I entered?

Another quick example, in that same screenshot above–one thing I like to keep track of for MDM Deals is how much savings I find users each month. Soulver makes it easy to paste in the savings of each deal (or use the URL scheme to automate this) and then, with one tap I can see either the total savings or the average savings. Not bad and I don’t have the hassle of doing it manually with a calculator or the complexity of building a spreadsheet for a simple calculation. Soulver is a fantastic time-saving app that you definitely should get.

You can get Soulver for $1.99 on the iOS App Store, for $11.99 on the Mac App Store, or for Mac via the developer’s own store for $11.95. Acqualia Software has also generously provided 5 free redemption codes for Soulver on Mac, so be sure to enter the drawing for a chance to get it free! The drawing is now over, but make sure to follow MDM Deals to hear about more giveaways and ways to save money!

My thanks to Soulver from Acqualia Software for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


App giveaway: Unclutter, a great way to organize your clipboard, files, & notes; 30% off and a free giveaway!


I am excited to bring to you as a sponsor one of my most-used Mac apps: Unclutter, a fantastic app to keep you organized. The developer is offering 30% off just for MDM Deal fans, plus giving away free copies of the app, so read on!

Unclutter is a clever utility that will keep you organized, keep clutter off your Desktop, and boost your productivity. With a quick two-finger swipe from your menu bar (or a half-second pause or keyboard shortcut), Unclutter slides down, giving you easy access to your clipboard history, your notes, and files you’ve placed there–and then, when you move your mouse away, it automatically slides back until you need it again. My words don’t do justice to the smoothness or cleverness of the animation or design (there’s a great video at the developer site, though); it is slick and seamless and fun just to swipe up and down.

app-pocket-index@2x.pngThe seamless integration of my clipboard history, notes, and files makes Unclutter super useful to me and why it’s become a standby app I’ve loved using this last year. The clipboard manager is making it a great way to juggle multiple things you need to copy or a great way to recover what you copied and forgot to paste. The fact that it runs in the background and automatically saves my clipboard history means it just works (you can also tell it not to save information from certain apps, like 1Password).

The notes are super useful, too, because they’re so quickly accessible. Unclutter is my go-to place when I’m on the phone and need to write down some information; I don’t have to find a pen, a sticky note, or wait for an app to open up–my notepad is just a swipe away, making it immensely handy. (I just learned, too, that you can adjust the settings so that the notes sync via iCloud/Dropbox so that you can sync them between Macs & access them on iOS).

Perhaps the most useful part of Unclutter is that it can store files, even apps, keeping them accessible at the swipe of a finger and yet not cluttering up your Desktop. A super useful way to use Unclutter is for temporary drag and drop situations–simply drag the file up towards your menu bar, drop it in Unclutter when it slides down, and then navigate easily to where you want to place it. No more waiting for spring-loading of folders or clumsy two-finger manipulation as you try to hold onto the file while choosing it’s destination. Unclutter makes it simple, nice, and easy.

The developer is offering Unclutter to MDM Deals fans at $6.99, 30% off its original price;  you’d pay that much (or more!) just for a clipboard manager, making Unclutter’s integrated features a steal. The developer also has been kind enough to give away a copy of Unclutter to five lucky winners of this week’s drawing!

My thanks to Unclutter and Eugne Krupnov for their support of MDM Deals!

Win a free promo code for Sudoku Master Edition!


Just a reminder that MDM Deals is currently hosting a giveaway to win a redemption code to remove ads in Sudoku: Master Edition. While the ads are tasteful and unobtrusive, why not enter the drawing for a chance to remove them for free?

If you haven’t yet, make sure to read why Sudoku ME is my Sudoku app of choice for playing Sudoku — and then download Sudoku: Master Edition for free and enter the drawing and download Sudoku: Master Edition  today!


Giveaway: Sudoku Master Edition, a fantastic Sudoku app featured by Apple ↘️ free via giveaway [sponsor]


It’s my pleasure to welcome Sudoku: Master Edition back as a sponsor. If you download the app (fore free) and play with it even a few minutes, t’s not hard to see why Apple has featured them as App of the Day across app stores all around the world. The developers sweated all the details, creating a brilliant app that embodies what a good app should be: it’s intuitive, well-designed, customizable with great defaults, and great fun to play.

One thing that makes Sudoku: Master Edition stand out, not only versus other Sudoku games but compared to apps in general, is the care that went into the design. Some designs are so “minimalist” that they’re confusing, unintuitive, and non-functional–other designs are so explanation-heavy that they are clunky and unclean. Even though Sudoku: Master Edition offers a huge number of great customizations–5 difficulty levels, 26 different fonts, and multiple game modes–its design is simple, intuitive, clear, easy, and fun. I don’t just say that because they’re a sponsor–I’ve played 45 games and over 7 hours of playtime because it really is just that good.

Whether you’re a die-hard Sudoku addict or a newcomer to the logic game, there is no app better than Sudoku: Master Edition. If you love the classic paper-and-pen experience, Sudoku: Master Edition will suit you, including handwriting support with Apple Pencil support. If you want a easier digital experience (e.g. immediately identifying errors, removing irrelevant notes, etc.), then Sudoku: Master Edition can do that for you too! In short, if you want to play Sudoku on iOS, Sudoku: Master Edition is the app for you.

Sudoku: Master Edition is free to download, with an in-app purchase to remove ads (but honestly, they’re so unobtrusive I doubt you’ll mind). As a special gift to MDM Deal fans, the developer has given us 8 free promo codes to remove ads!

Enter the drawing and download Sudoku: Master Edition  today!



App giveaway: Today’s Forecast, a beautiful, fast, & private weather app, $0.99 ↘️ free via giveaway [sponsor]

Today's Forecast

Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but every now and then an app shows up that is unique and does something better than the rest: Today’s Forecast does just that and bears the unique honor of being the only weather app I’ve ever purchased. It’s that good, so I’m excited to have the app as this week’s sponsor! Read on to learn how you can win it absolutely free!

For years, I used Apple’s built-in weather app; I was “meh” about it–it generally did what I needed it to do and I didn’t dislike it, but didn’t love it either. What makes Today’s Forecast different is it’s beautiful, simple design that simultaneously presents more information than Apple’s app (eg “feels like temperatures”) but feels cleaner and less cluttered. Good design is simple–but not too simple; Today’s Forecast nails that balance in presenting pertinent information in a clear, clean way. I love the custom icons clearly communicate the weather and yet are whimsical and fun.

Powered by Dark Sky’s weather network, Today’s Forecast is super accurate, blazing fast, and 100% private. Unlike dozens of other weather apps (especially the “free” ones), Today’s Forecast doesn’t sell your data or track your location–in fact, it doesn’t even collect your personal data, which is how a weather app should be.

What’s more, the developer has given MDM Deals 10 copies of the app for 10 lucky MDM Deal fans! Enter the giveaway for a chance to win–or get Today’s Forecast today for just $0.99 on the App Store!

Get it on the App Store today!

My thanks to Matt Birchler and Today’s Forecast for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


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