Decline: Say no beautifully [sponsor]

Decline: Say no beautifully [sponsor]

My thanks to Decline sticker pack for sponsoring MDM Deals this week. Featuring 25 gorgeous handcrafted stickers, decline invitations in style. Read more and how you can win a pack for free

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Decline: Say no, beautifully [sponsor]

Decline Sticker pack

This week’s sponsor and giveaway is courtesy of my friend, Timothy Buck and his wife Alyssa, who have just released Decline, an absolutely gorgeous pack of hand-lettered iMessage stickers. You, like me, may not be a big iMessage sticker fan because so many of them are cheesy or dumb images that are too cutesy, too hard to remember where it was, or just plain dumb. But because Decline is none of those things–it is beautiful and has a clear use case–it now lives in my iMessage sticker draw.

Decline is all about saying no, in a wide spectrum of ways–coyly, unambiguously, politely, wittily, snarkily–but all of them beautifully. Check out the hand lettered designs (courtesy of Alyssa and her art studio):

Decline features 25 gorgeous hand lettered ways to say "no"

I can’t prove this, but I’m pretty sure folks will be less offended when I say no if I say it so beautifully. What I do know is that Decline is way more useful to me than all of the other stickers I’ve used. Most of the time, they’re ugly–and when they’re not, I can’t remember what sticker is where. But Decline is different because it is precisely clear when to use the sticker and where it is. If I need to say no, I use Decline. Simple as that.

My great thanks to Decline for sponsoring MDM Deals this week–and for offering a giveaway of the sticker pack! To enter the giveaway, take this short survey on how I can improve MDM Deals. You might win a copy of Decline or even an App Store gift card! Take the survey to enter!

Say no, beautifully. Download Decline from the App Store today.

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Deals brought to you by the New Year Powerpack [sponsor]

Deals brought to you by the New Year Powerpack

I really want to thank the New Year Powerpack for their support of MDM Deals this week. It’s sponsors like them that enable me to get deals to you—Sonix you haven’t checked out their bundle yet, you really out to. Unclutter at 50% individually is a steal—so is Tumult Hype, Taskpaper, Default Folder X, and Sip—and the entire bundle is worth it just for 2 or 3 of those, but you get 11 total handpicked apps

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The New Year PowerPack [sponsor]

The New Year PowerPack [sponsor]

If you haven’t yet checked out this week’s sponsor, you should—because there’s some great deals there like Unclutter (notes, files, & clipboard just a swipe away), Default Folder X (way better custom save as options), TaskPaper (best plain text task manager out there) and 8 more; each 50% off and the bundle 79% off

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The Xmas & New Year PowerPack – 11 apps to supercharge your 2020 [sponsor]

You may have noticed that the Xmas & New Year’s PowerPack was a recommended item on the monster list of Christmas & New Year’s deals — well, after publishing that list, the developer reached out to sponsor MDM Deals and I’m so glad he did, because there’s some really great items in this bundle that you don’t want to miss:

  • Aeon Timeline – The timeline tool for creative writing, project and case management. Normally $50, now 50% off
  • Tumult Hype 4 – Create. Animate. HTML5. Standard Edition. Normally $50, now 50% off
  • Unclutter – Files, Notes & Clipboard Manager for Mac. Normally $20, now 50% off
  • TaskPaper 3 – Plain text to-do lists for Mac. Normally $25, now 50% off
  • Better Zip 4 – The Next Generation of Archiving. Normally $25, now 50% off
  • Sip – Color Picker & Organizer for Mac. Normally $10, now 50% off
  • Permute 3 – The easiest to use media converter. Normally $15, now 50% off
  • Path Finder 9 – File Manager for macOS. Normally $36, now 50% off
  • Mosaic Pro – Effortlessly resize and re-position windows on your Mac. Normally $30, now 50% off
  • Default Folder X – Enhanced Open and Save dialogs for macOS. Normally $35, now 50% off
  • HyperFocus – The Distraction Blocker for macOS. Normally $15, now 50% off

Not only is each individual app in the bundle 50% off–already a great deal–but if you buy the entire bundle, you get $311 worth of apps for just $64–that’s a whopping 79% off.

Supercharge your productivity in 2020 with the Xmas & New Year PowerPack. My thanks to the developers of this collection for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

Win a copy of Sudoku Master Edition (corrected giveaway link) [sponsor]

Win a copy of Sudoku Master Edition (corrected giveaway link) [sponsor]

Featured by Apple for its painstaking design and excellent customizations, Sudoku Master Edition is the best place to play Sudoku. I missed the correct link for the giveaway in the precious post, but here’s the correct link for you to enter the giveaway

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Giveaway – Sudoku Master Edition: Logic, an Apple-featured, gorgeous, customizable Sudoku app [sponsor]


I love quick “brain games” as a way to take a quick break but without turning off my brain, using using it in a different way. There’s a bunch of games that fit this category well, but perhaps none is as long-standing or popular as Sudoku, the excellent number-based puzzler. And of all the ways to play Sudoku on your iPhone or iPad, you can’t do better than Sudoku Master Edition: Logic for its excellent gameplay and Apple-featured design. Read to learn more and enter a special giveaway sponsored by the developers!

Sudoku is a classic game that needs no fixing, but when you complete a Sudoku on an iPhone or iPad rather than paper, there’s some things you can do to make the experience even better. The developers have thought these through so that Sudoku is even better on iOS than on paper. For example, when you fill in a square with a number, Sudoku ME can automatically remove that number from your notes in the square’s corresponding box, line, and column. Similarly, Sudoku can optionally fill in the last number in a box, line, or column to speed up that last no-brainer entry. Likewise, Sudoku can prevent you from entering a wrong number. All of these are optional settings–you can be entirely purist, mimicking a paper experience–but the subtle combination of those settings is that you spend more time solving the Sudoku puzzle and less time doing boring menial tasks. I find Sudoku way better as a result.

Whether you’re a Sudoku expert or beginner, whether you like assists or are a purist, Sudoku ME is the app for you, with five levels of difficulty (let me tell you, “Master” is wicked hard) and several different modes: Classic, Zen, Lightning, and Mistake Mode. The developers worked hard so that the defaults are excellent and you can jump right in playing–but they also enabled a bunch of features you can individually customize: 26 fonts, custom grid line weights, dozens of colors, Dark Mode, multiple game board sizes–even 13 different app icons so you can match your home screen style! All beautifully and tastefully done, with an excellent eye towards a clean design.

That beautiful design is probably why Apple has featured them as Game of the Day multiple times and in over 40 different countries and featured the developers in a “Meet the Developers” story! The developers aren’t resting on their laurels, though. In fact, since they last sponsored MDM Deals a bit over a year ago, they’ve pushed out 20–yes, twenty–updates to the their app, adding in features like optional Daily Reminders, Screen Always On, a new game difficulty algorithm, Apple Pencil 2 double-tap support, and more. Put simply, I’ve never seen a better Sudoku game on iPhone.

Sudoku Master Edition: Logic is free download and play, with unobtrusive ads you can remove via a single IAP. I’m excited to say that the developers are giving away an IAP unlock code 100% free to five lucky MDM Deal fans. Three codes will be for the winner of the giveaway open to all MDM Deals fans and two codes will be reserved for Patrons of MDM Deals.

Enter the giveaway here — and download Sudoku Master Edition: Logic for free today!


My special thanks to Sudoku Master Edition: Logic and Hoolatron Studios for their long-time support of MDM Deals.


Giveaway: Apollo, a Reddit client beautifully designed for iPhone [sponsor]


There’s a bajillion Reddit apps on iOS and when I first started using Reddit, I tried–and paid–for bunches of them. They stunk. Some were just plain ugly, others made common actions difficult, and still others felt like an Android app masquerading as an iOS app. My search ended when I found Apollo, an absolutely delightful, beautifully designed Reddit client that feels right at home on iOS. Read on about Apollo–and how to win Apollo Ultra for life absolutely free!

The difference between a good app and a great app is in its design–not just how it looks, but how it works. Apollo is beautifully designed, not just that looks and feels right on iPhone–no surprise, given that its developer used to work for Apple!–but also that it works seamlessly and intuitively, especially for common actions you do browsing Reddit. Seriousy–Reddit on Apollo is better than Reddit anywhere else. Here’s just a few things I love:

Votes and comments. Voting and commenting–so central to Reddit–are areas where Apollo shines. Customizable gestures means you can upvote, downvote, or comment with just a swipe. Fast and easy. Even better, color-code comments so you don’t get lost in threads–and set custom actions to collapse comments and threads with just a tap. It is SO great to tap and collapse an entire comment thread. Beautiful.

Apollo screenshot
Apollo’s navigation tabs and customizable gestures (left), favorite sub switching via Jump Bar (center), and lightning-fast sub search via Jump Bar (right)

Fast navigation. Apollo puts your most-used items just a tap away, with tabs at the bottom to see posts, inbox, profile, search, and settings–and a Jump Bar at the top to switch between Reddits with ease. I love how I can set favorite subreddits and get to them with a single tap and it’s lightning fast subreddit search, getting you the sub you want with just a few letters.

There’s more I could say–like its gorgeous Dark Mode, baked-in accessibility, ad-free display–but really, you should just download and use Apollo for free. Unlock the Pro version for a few bucks to get bunches of custom icons, fully customizable gestures (highly recommend!), and other cool features. I’m a Pro customer and it’s well worth it.

And just for MDM Deals fans, the developer is sponsoring a giveaway of 4 Apollo Ultra lifelong subscriptions! Ultra gives you all the Pro features, as well as realtime notifications, app theming, custom icons, and more! 4 lucky winners will get this for life!

Two winners will be from among the thousands of MDM Deal fans–enter the contest for free.  Another two codes will go to the much smaller group of MDM Deal Patrons. Support MDM Deals on Patreon for just a buck and immediately improve your odds of winning by about 200%. If you’ve been on the fence about a patronship, there’s never been a better time to join!

My thanks to Apollo–the delightful, beautifully designed Reddit client–for supporting  MDM Deals.

Giveaway: Open In Webmail – easily open mail links in your webmail of choice [sponsor]




I’ve recently moved away from using the Mail app on my Mac, instead using webmail. There’s some great benefits to doing that–security, privacy, etc.–but there’s some limitations of it as well. I was so excited when I found this week’s sponsor, Open In Webmail, because of how wonderfully it fixes my main frustration. The developer is sponsoring a giveaway for MDM Deals fans, so make sure to read on to know how you can enter the contest!

One of the greatest limitations about using webmail is that hyperlinks to send someone an email (like this) just don’t work. If you click that link (go ahead, I’ll wait), it will open up your email app, populate the email address (seriously, did you not click it?), and even give you a subject line. Links like that are one of the most common ways to contact support because they’re quick, fast, and convenient.

Unless, that is, you use webmail. In which case clicking that link is a horrible experience–it opens up Mail, which then asks you to configure an account or it starts an email from the wrong account and you have to leave–and meanwhile you’ve lost the email address you wanted to use in the first place. If you’re technical, you can find the email address in the mailto HTML, but lots of people are up a creek and can’t contact the person they want.

And that’s why I love Open In Webmail. It’s a simple little utility that does one thing and one thing well: it opens email links in your webmail (and browser) of choice instead of the default mail app. In fact, behind the scenes, it becomes your default mail client so that all mail links automatically open in your webmail and browser of choice, no messy plugins or hacks needed.

Open in Webmail settings


Open in Webmail supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office365, Fastmail, Zoho, AOL, and Yandex–and it gives you the ability to create custom URLs that open so that if your webmail isn’t one of those, it can still work for you. Further, you can even choose which browser to open webmail in so that if (like me) you like to quarantine off your Gmail from the rest of your browsing, you can have mail links open in, say, Chrome, but do the rest of your browsing in, say, Safari.

Open In Webmail is the kind of app that you never knew you needed until you use it–and even when you use it, you’ll probably never open the app except for the initial configuration. Instead, it works silently in the background, making sure your mail links open properly, saving you time and frustration one mail link at a time. Open In Webmail is available in the Mac App Store for $0.99 and is worth every penny.

I’m thrilled to announce that the developer, Fred Potter, is sponsoring a giveaway for MDM Deal fans so that you can win Open In Webmail! I’ll be giving 6 codes to MDM Deal Patrons and another 4 to anyone who enters the drawing.

Click here to enter the drawing absolutely free!

My thanks to Fred Potter and Open In Webmail for supporting MDM Deals.

Get a free trial of Backblaze: hassle-free, secure online backups for peace of mind [sponsor]


My heart sunk into my chest and I couldn’t believe it. One mistake transferring files to my new computer…and I had lost every single one of my photos. Gone. Poof. Irretrievable. Not on my computer–or on my backup drive (still don’t understand why). 30,00 photos gone. My wedding. My kids’ birth. Hilarious moments as babies that I wouldn’t remember without that video. Our old house my son constantly misses. Memories I could never get back.

But thanks to Backblaze, I did. A couple days later, with a FedExed hard drive from Backblaze, all the photos were restored. They saved my digital life–and that’s why I reached out to them to sponsor MDM Deals. I am so excited they agreed, because it’s a rare service that everyone should use. Seriously. Read why below–and how you can get a free trial as a MDM Deal fan!

The data on your computers is incredibly precious–a preciousness I didn’t realize until I realized how many memories were gone when my photos were lost. Unfortunately, backing up your files can be a hassle, which is why most people don’t do it. I had a friend who lost his entire customer database because he kept pushing off the backup he knew he had to do…6 months later, without a backup, a lightning strike fried everything. Remembering to backup isn’t enough, you need a backup that works brainlessly, automatically, in the background, constantly.

But it’s not enough to have a local backup, because there’s tons of ways you can lose your backup AND your computer at the same time. My Mom lost both when a pipe broke above her desk. Thieves will steal both. Natural disasters destroy both. Ransomware attacks connected drives. You not only need an automatic backup, you need it to be offsite in a separate location.

You need Backblaze, a fast, hassle-free, automatic, unlimited online backup service that is ridiculously cheap. It’s crazy good. Here’s a few things I love about the service, why I’ve been a happy customer for over 2 years, and why I just purchased a 2-year subscription:

  • Unlimited & unthrottled backups. For real. I still can’t believe they can do this, but they do and it’s awesome. Not only will they backup your computer without limit, but they’ll backup connected external drives too. Such a steal. I’ve got about 2TB backed up, but Backblaze has over 750 petabytes total backed up.
  • Automated peace of mind. It doesn’t matter where I am or whether I have my Time Machine drive with me, Backblaze backs me up automatically in the background. Set it and never not be backed up again.
  • Security you can bank on. Backblaze not only supports two-factor authentication but enables your own encryption key. If you use this optional feature, no one but you can read your data–it doesn’t matter if Backblaze is issued a subpoena, is hacked, or has a rogue employee, your data is safe.
  • Restore with ease. I can’t count the number of times I’ve restored files with Backblaze. It is super simple: download files in your browser or, if the files are large–like my entire photo library–they can even next-day ship you a hard drive with your files. Return the drive within 30 days and you pay nothing. That’s what I did–seamless and easy. So easy, in fact, that people have recovered over 35 billion files with Backblaze. That’s a lot.

All this for $6/month–there’s no better way to safeguard your memories, and all for less than a cup of coffee a month. But if you still want it cheaper, you can save 17% if you buy a year’s subscription, taking the price down to $5/month ($60/year). Want to save even more? Do what I did and save 24% off a 2-year subscription ($4.58/month, $110/2-year).

And best of all, you don’t have to take my word for it. Backblaze is giving MDM Deals fans a 100% free 15-day trial! Digital disaster will strike you someday, guaranteed–make sure you’re protected today with a free Backblaze trial!

My special thanks to Backblaze for sponsoring MDM Deals this week. Backblaze: Cloud storage that’s astonishingly easy and low cost.


Get iMazing, a comprehensive device management app for free (a $45 value!) [sponsor]

I wanted to let you know that I extended the giveaway for iMazing, this week’s sponsor. You now can enter the giveaway until 11:45pm on Thursday, February 14th (happy Valentine’s Day!)

You won’t want to miss out on the chance to win iMazing for free, as it’s an all-encompassing device management app with iPhone backups that Apple should have made in the first place. Read more, download the app for free, and enter the free giveaway to win it! But hurry, the giveaway will end soon!

My thanks again to iMazing for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

Giveaway: Unite 2, a great utility to make a native app of any website [sponsor]


Are you frustrated that some websites that really should have a native Mac app, but aren’t (looking at you Twitter!) Are there websites that you have to use but you simply don’t trust them not to track you online (or offline!)? Would you like some sites to open up in a window that’s always in the same size or position? Want to get websites into your menu bar so you can stay updated with one click? Then you need Unite 2, a fantastic utility that makes any website into a customizable native Mac app.

Open up Unite 2 and you’ll be greeted with a dead-simple window that asks for what name you want to give your app and the website URL you want made into an app. Choose your own image–or ask Unite 2 to automatically grab that sites favicon–click “create,” and you’re done. It’s dead simple and takes seconds. 

Unite screen

Once created, the app appears in your application folders and, something I love, appears in Spotlight and Siri search results to easily launch the website. There’s tons of customizations you can do–put the app in your menu bar for one-click viewing, set up desktop notifications (more coming Q1 of 2019), change colors, and set it to always open the window in the same size and position. There’s a lot of power in Unite 2 to get things working exactly the way you want, all powered by a WebKit 2-powered browser to give you all the latest web features and security standards.

One thing I love about Unite 2 is that it effectively creates a quarantine for the data of each website you create, which is a huge win for security and privacy–and that alone is worth Unite 2 to me. I have long tried to keep Google and Facebook’s privacy-invading sites in a different browser than my day-to-day browser, but I regularly forgot to open up those sites in my separate browser, thereby exposing all of my web activity to those sites. No longer–I created Unite 2 apps for those sites and now I can easily pull up Siri or Spotlight to launch them into their own separate browsers. That’s a win for privacy and security and why I’ll be using Unite 2 going forward.

Unite 2 is free to download and try; when you go to buy, use the code MDM to get a 15% discount just for MDM Deals fans! The developer is also sponsoring a giveaway:

You can enter to win both ways and increase your odds of winning! My thanks to Unite 2 and BZG for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

Giveaway: CleanMyMac X, the best way to free up space on your Mac [sponsor]


512px × 512px (512pt × 512pt @1x)My MacBook Pro is five years old and has an SSD and you probably immediately know the problem: space. I love being able to take video of my adorable kids in 4k (hopefully future-proofing those images), but a 1 minute takes half a gigabyte of space (yikes!) and last year my Mac’s SSD was rapidly running out of space. What I needed was a way to easily clean up gigabytes of space–not just 1-3 gigs, but 10-30, and hopefully in a way that wouldn’t make me want to poke my eyeballs out in drudgery.

Enter CleanMyMac X, a fantastic app that has helped me reclaim over 40 gigabytes with dead-simple ease. What I love most about CleanMyMac X–and why I asked MacPaw to sponsor MDM Deals–is that its Smart Scan turns hours-consuming drudgery of finding and deleting files into a simple process that takes a couple clicks. Click once and Smart Scan goes through your computer and identifies space-hogging files that you don’t need: system language & localizations you’ll never use, hidden caches, app-specific trash bins you’ve forgotten to empty, mail attachments you can download again, and much much more. Click once more, and *poof*, CleanMyMac X removes the space hogs, giving you gigabytes back, just like this:

CleanMyMac X SmartScan

One of the additions in the X version is that it now also scans for malware and perform system maintenance & optimization tasks. All that, with one simple click. Of course, you can manually choose what files it finds to clean up, but I’ve found its analysis is so good that I just trust the automatic settings. CleanMyMac X even helps you identify the largest unused files on your computer so that you can decide what to do with them–nice.

CleanMyMac X is a dead-simple, safe, and easy way to reclaim your space and get your life back. I’ve been a very happy user and highly recommend it to anyone who has a Mac–you’ll be amazed at not only how much space it can save you but how much time as well. Best yet? It’s a 100% free download.

I’m also excited to announce that MacPaw is sponsoring a giveaway to give away three copies of CleanMyMac X–you’ll definitely not to miss out on this giveaway! Here’s how I’ll be giving away three copies:

Enter all three ways to boost your odds of winning!

My thanks to the MacPaw team and CleanMyMac X for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


Learn how to use PDF Expert, get $10 off, or win a free copy! [sponsor]


As the school year starts and I’m getting PDFs sent to me–schedules, readings, book scans, & more–I’ve been using one of my favorite apps, PDF Expert (for iOS & for Mac), far more than normal. I simply love how easy it makes annotating PDFs no matter where I am. Because the apps are simply fantastic and I have often recommend them, I reached out to Readdle to see if they would offer MDM Deal fans a discount and they graciously agreed! The great folks at Readdle are providing the sponsored content below, offering MDM Deals fans a special discount, and are sponsoring a giveaway of PDF Expert for Mac! Read on to learn about PDF Expert and how to enter the giveaway! Continue reading “Learn how to use PDF Expert, get $10 off, or win a free copy! [sponsor]”

App giveaway: Scanbot is an award-winning scan app with OCR, markup, & support for multiple cloud services [sponsor]


My family and I are about to move overseas, which presents us with a massive problem: what do we do with documents we need as record, with keepsakes that we can’t take, or with the adorable paintings our two toddlers produce? We can’t or don’t want to throw these away but we don’t want to take up space saving them. You may not be moving, but I’m sure you’ve hit the same challenge of saving items but not wanting to take up space. Digitizing those items is a great solution, giving you access to them as needed but not taking up physical space–and so I’m very glad to share with you this week’s sponsor, Scanbot, an award-winning fully-featured app that is 100% free to download and use. Read on to learn more and enter the drawing to unlock Scanbot Pro!

The team behind Scanbot (doo GmbH) has tirelessly worked to make Scanbot a total scanning solution and their work has been recognized by Apple with an Editor’s Choice Award and as a three-time Best of App Store app. Downloaded over 10 million times on iOS & Android, it seems the market agrees–as I’ve used the app, I think it’s for two primary reasons. First, Scanbot makes it dead-simple to capture a scan and then, second, makes it super simple to process the scan.

Scanbot 1

For capture, Scanbot features automatic page detection and automatic capture, even if a page is misaligned or at an angle, though if it’s too severe Scanbot will offer a prompt to ensure a high-quality image. From the scan, Scanbot can generate a PDF or OCR the text with a superb OCR engine (see image above). The entire process takes just seconds, faster than my flatbed scanner and rivaling even dedicated scanners–but always with you in your pocket!

Once scanned, Scanbot once again makes it super simple to process the scan. You can easily highlight, markup, or sign the document–and can set it to automatically upload the scan to a location of your choice in virtually any cloud storage service (iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Evernote, OneNote, Box, and more) and manually set up “workflows” to send it off to different locations with the touch of a button, including sending it as a fax from within the app for those times you can’t fully embrace the 21st century.


Scanbot 2

While other scanning apps exist, you will be hard-pressed to find any which matches, let alone beats, the features, simplicity, and ease of Scanbot. Best of all, it’s 100% free to download, with IAP to unlock more advanced features. And just for MDM Deals followers, doo GmbH is giving away 5 codes to unlock Scanbot Pro, so download it today and enter the drawing to unlock the Pro version for free!

My thanks to doo GmbH and Scanbot for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


App giveaway: Dejal Time Out, an app to improve mindfulness through regular breaks [sponsor]

Dejal Time out

I love how my Mac enables me to get so much done from anywhere in the world, but I’ll be the first to admit that I can get so absorbed on my work that I do unhealthy things, straining my eyes with long hours staring at the same angle at same distance at a screen or staying seated for hours at a time. The long-term health consequences of those activities are increasingly known, but few of us know how to manage the risks inherent to our device. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about this week’s sponsor, Dejal Time Out, an app that helps you build healthy habits by managing your breaks so you don’t have to.  Read on to learn more, download it for free, and enter a drawing to unlock it for free!

Designed to help you take regular breaks, Dejal Time Out is a simple utility that gently nudges to take breaks on a regular basis. You can customize all the settings, but it is set up to remind you to take two kinds of breaks. First is a “Micro” break of 15 seconds every 15 minutes, reminding you to look away briefly from your screen, breath deeply, or stretch before heading back to work. The second kind of break is a “Normal” break of 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of work, giving you a time to stand up, walk a bit, or get a drink of water. The lengths and durations are entirely customizable, but are set up to keep you healthy and rested while you’re working.


What I enjoy most about Dejal Time Out is how it strikes a great balance between nudging you to take a break and yet not intruding in your work. When it offers a reminder, for example, your screen gently fades and a customizable break reminder appears, but it also gives you the option to postpone the break or skip it altogether. That’s a really nice touch for when you can’t take a break (or are about to!)

Dejal break message.png

Dejal Time Out adds some great features for power users too, as it can optionally track breaks and app usage or perform actions before, during, or after a break–like pausing your music, playing relaxing sounds, running an Automator Script, or resuming music when it ends. And for non power-users, you can download pre-made actions and get the benefit of both worlds.

The developer has a great pricing model, as Dejal Time Out is 100% free to download and use, but a one-time non-subscription purchase permanently unlocks more advanced features. I encourage you to check it out today. I’m also excited that the developer is giving 5 MDM Deals fans a code to unlock all of Dejal Time Out. Enter the drawing free today!

My thanks to Dejal Systems and Dejal Time Out for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

App giveaway: A Better Finder Rename, the best app to rename files on your Mac [sponsor]

Better Finder RenameI think we’ve all been in the situation I was in just yesterday–needing to rename enough files that it was tedious and annoying to do it manually: secondary clicking, selecting rename, typing the new name, and going on to the next one. In my case, it was especially insulting because the filenames were just sequential numbers (01, 02, 03, etc.) and there is no reason a person needed to do that job rather than a computer…which is why I am excited to share with you this week’s sponsor, A Better Finder Rename, an app that solved my problem in a matter of seconds, saving me immense frustration with an otherwise tedious task. Read on to learn more about it and enter to win a free copy!

A Better Finder Rename, like most great software, does one thing and one thing well–rename files–but the simplicity of that statement betrays the immense power and flexibility of the application. Want to use your music’s metadata to rename your songs correctly? Need to rename hundreds of photos from meaningless names like IMG_00273 to something intelligible like Taylor Swift concert 09? Have downloaded files with random names that you need to organize? A Better Finder Rename has you covered with 15 different categories of renaming options that can name files by text, parent folder, metadata, tags, date, number, and more (including RegEx for us nerds). The power here is quite impressive, allowing text to be replaced, converted, and truncated, even in multi-step operations–and yet A Better Finder Rename  is quite simple to use and generates a preview of the name so you can confirm it is correct before you run the operation.

In short, if you ever have to rename multiple files, there is no better app I know of than A Better Finder Rename to accomplish your task. A Better Finder Rename is free to download and $19.95 to unlock fully. And just for MDM Deals followers, the developer is giving away three copies 100% free! Enter the free drawing for your chance to win!

My thanks to Frank Reiff and A Better Finder Rename for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


World Clock Time Widget, the best app for viewing & calculating time zones ↘️ free Pro features for MDM Deals fans! [sponsor]

WorldClockTimeWidget There have been immense benefits as the the world has gotten flatter, more globalized, and more connected–about half of the traffic to this site comes from outside the US and, on a personal level, I met my non-American wife while overseas. But with those benefits has come an immense hassle of trying to keep up with everyone across different time zones. My family now lives across 4 different time zones, some of which use Daylight Savings and some which don’t so that I can never keep the time difference straight. That’s why I’m so thankful that World Clock Time Widget exists and that it is a sponsor this week. Read on to learn of a time-limited way to unlock the Pro version 100% free, without even a giveaway!

World Clock Time Widget is a delightful app that has been featured by Apple multiple times for its simple design fine-tuned to solve your time zone problem: displaying zones easily & calculating them simply. Simple to set up with your desired time zones, World Clock Time Widget displays those time zones in the widget area (my favorite) or via 3D Touch on the icon. With different ways to display time (analog, digital, 24-hour) and different themes, World Clock Time Widget makes it easy and delightful to see the times–a far cry from the stock Clock app which buries timezones in a tab that requires you to open the app.

However, my favorite part of World Clock Time Widget is that it can calculate time zones for you so that, if you want to know what time it will be in Beijing 5 hours from now, you don’t have to do that math–just tap forward on the arrows & World Clock Time Widget makes all those adjustments for you.

PNG image-CE6F6E2719C3-1

Whether, like me, you have family around the world or whether you do business and don’t want to have to remember that Arizona doesn’t follow Daylight Savings, you should definitely check out World Clock Time Widget. It’s free to download in the App Store, with an IAP for Pro features. However, for MDM Deals fans and for a limited time, the developer is making the Pro features 100% free. Just download the app today and unlock the Pro features on Thursday, April 5th or Friday April 6th!


My thanks to Lewis Smith and World Clock Time Widget for their support of MDM Deals.

App giveaway: Workspaces, remembering & launching your workspaces so you don’t have to, ↘️ free trial & giveaway [sponsor]


In today’s world, few of us do just one thing–we’re constantly juggling lots of tasks, projects, and jobs–and each one of those things requires that we have different documents, emails, websites, and apps open. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have just the right things open at just the right time, if you could set up your workspace once and launch it the next time instead of redoing everything? Now you can, thanks to Workspaces by Apptorium–read on to learn about it and enter a free giveaway!

Workspaces is the kind of app that you don’t know you need until you’ve used it and then it becomes immediately obvious how helpful it is. You set up Workspaces to remember the documents, websites, apps, emails, pictures, and information that you need for each task. Then, next time, launch that entire workspace with one click in the mbar bar, saving you the time and mental headache of finding and opening them everything each time. Use it a few times and you’ll see there’s no reason to do work any other way.

For example, each week I track stats from this site–deals published, downloads, money saved, giveaway interactions, sponsor engagement, etc. Doing so is tedious since I have to pull information from multiple sources and apps, then collect that in my spreadsheet. I invariably forget to track certain information or where to find it, so I set up a Workspace that will automatically open everything for me with one click. No more forgetting, no more having to stop to open a new site, no more wasting my mental energy on stupid things like that–Workspaces makes it fast, easy, and effortless.

I first saw Workspaces a year ago, but I initially didn’t go for it because I thought “I can just open all that stuff up myself”–but once you try Workspaces, you’ll see the value immediately. Yes, I can find and open all those items myself, but it is worth it to save the mental headache of  remembering what I need, where it is, opening it, and then stopping what I’m doing to find and open something I forgot. Workspaces means that my computer does what a computer can do, freeing my time, creativity, and mental energy to do what only I, a human being, can do. In an odd kind of way, Workspaces frees me from the work of a computer to be more human–and that’s a trade I’m willing to make every time.

So give Workspaces a try! It’s free to download and try from Apptorium and costs just $9 to purchase. You can also get it in the Mac App Store or via SetApp. The developers are also giving away 4 copies of Workspaces just for MDM Deal fans, so make sure to check that out!

My thanks to Workspacesand the developers at Apptorium for their support of MDM Deals.


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