Giveaway: Sudoku Master Edition, a fantastic Sudoku app featured by Apple ↘️ free via giveaway [sponsor]


It’s my pleasure to welcome Sudoku: Master Edition back as a sponsor. If you download the app (fore free) and play with it even a few minutes, t’s not hard to see why Apple has featured them as App of the Day across app stores all around the world. The developers sweated all the details, creating a brilliant app that embodies what a good app should be: it’s intuitive, well-designed, customizable with great defaults, and great fun to play.

One thing that makes Sudoku: Master Edition stand out, not only versus other Sudoku games but compared to apps in general, is the care that went into the design. Some designs are so “minimalist” that they’re confusing, unintuitive, and non-functional–other designs are so explanation-heavy that they are clunky and unclean. Even though Sudoku: Master Edition offers a huge number of great customizations–5 difficulty levels, 26 different fonts, and multiple game modes–its design is simple, intuitive, clear, easy, and fun. I don’t just say that because they’re a sponsor–I’ve played 45 games and over 7 hours of playtime because it really is just that good.

Whether you’re a die-hard Sudoku addict or a newcomer to the logic game, there is no app better than Sudoku: Master Edition. If you love the classic paper-and-pen experience, Sudoku: Master Edition will suit you, including handwriting support with Apple Pencil support. If you want a easier digital experience (e.g. immediately identifying errors, removing irrelevant notes, etc.), then Sudoku: Master Edition can do that for you too! In short, if you want to play Sudoku on iOS, Sudoku: Master Edition is the app for you.

Sudoku: Master Edition is free to download, with an in-app purchase to remove ads (but honestly, they’re so unobtrusive I doubt you’ll mind). As a special gift to MDM Deal fans, the developer has given us 8 free promo codes to remove ads!

Enter the drawing and download Sudoku: Master Edition  today!



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App giveaway: Today’s Forecast, a beautiful, fast, & private weather app, $0.99 ↘️ free via giveaway [sponsor]

Today's Forecast

Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but every now and then an app shows up that is unique and does something better than the rest: Today’s Forecast does just that and bears the unique honor of being the only weather app I’ve ever purchased. It’s that good, so I’m excited to have the app as this week’s sponsor! Read on to learn how you can win it absolutely free!

For years, I used Apple’s built-in weather app; I was “meh” about it–it generally did what I needed it to do and I didn’t dislike it, but didn’t love it either. What makes Today’s Forecast different is it’s beautiful, simple design that simultaneously presents more information than Apple’s app (eg “feels like temperatures”) but feels cleaner and less cluttered. Good design is simple–but not too simple; Today’s Forecast nails that balance in presenting pertinent information in a clear, clean way. I love the custom icons clearly communicate the weather and yet are whimsical and fun.

Powered by Dark Sky’s weather network, Today’s Forecast is super accurate, blazing fast, and 100% private. Unlike dozens of other weather apps (especially the “free” ones), Today’s Forecast doesn’t sell your data or track your location–in fact, it doesn’t even collect your personal data, which is how a weather app should be.

What’s more, the developer has given MDM Deals 10 copies of the app for 10 lucky MDM Deal fans! Enter the giveaway for a chance to win–or get Today’s Forecast today for just $0.99 on the App Store!

Get it on the App Store today!

My thanks to Matt Birchler and Today’s Forecast for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.


Tinderbox, a powerful toolbox for ideas, 20% off for MDM Deals followers [sponsor]


In our fast-paced technological age–with billions of sources of information flying at us–keeping track of pieces of information is a difficult, organizing it is a chore, and understanding the connections between them is a nightmare. Enter Tinderbox, a beautifully crafted piece of software that is your toolkit for ideas. More than a simple note-taking app, Tinderbox is an immensely powerful program that will help you organize, visualize, analyze, and understand complex ideas or challenging data.

One area where Tinderbox shines is in the wide variety of ways in which it can display your data. With linked and dated notes, you can view your notes as a mind map, word cloud, an outline, a chart, or even an interactive chronological timeline. Simply and easily toggling between these views can help jog your brain to get you unstuck or reveal insights and connections you would never have noticed otherwise. And with the latest update, Tinderbox can automatically update your notes from Notes, Evernote, Dropbox, DEVONthink Pro, and more, so that you’re always able to get in the information you need.

Whether you’re a writer, a student, a research, an analyst, a lawyer, a teacher, or just doing a complex project, you can try Tinderbox 100% free (no credit card required)–and then buy it 20% off because you follow MDM Deals. Download Tinderbox today!

My thanks to Tinderbox and Eastgate Systems for sponsoring MDM Deals this week.

App giveaway: Unlox – unlock your Mac with TouchID & FaceID, $3.99 ↘️ free via giveaway [sponsor]


This week’s sponsor has given us 10 redemption codes to download their app completely free! Read on to enter the giveaway to get Unlox for free!

No one likes typing passwords, especially not strong and unique ones, which is why Touch ID and Face ID are so transformative. Unfortunately, unless you’ve splurged for a new Mac, you’re still stuck with typing your password dozens of times a day which is frustrating as you wait (and hopefully you got it right the first time!) End your frustration with Unlox, this week’s sponsor of MDM Deals.

With Unlox installed on your iPhone and Mac, you can securely unlock your Mac using Face ID, Touch ID, or even Apple Watch on your wrist. Just like Face ID and Touch ID make passwords a painless afterthought on iPhone, Unlox makes them a painless afterthought on the Mac–just walk up to your computer and log in with a glance, a fingerprint, or a tap.

Unlox especially shines with iPhone X. A brilliant redesign of MacID, rewritten in Swift, Unlox takes advantage of the fact that Face ID can authenticate you without sending you a notification, so you can securely unlock your Mac faster, more reliably, and more securely.

One other thing I love about Unlox is it has built-in URL schemes to lock and unlock your Mac, send iPhone’s clipboard to Mac, or control audio on your Mac. If you’re like me and love iOS automation, it’s worth getting Unlox just for this feature alone. Get Unlox today!

Get it on the App Store today!

My thanks to Unlox for sponsoring MDM Deals this week. The developer, Kane Cheshire, has also given us redemption codes so that 10 lucky readers will get Unlox 100% free!

Enter the giveaway for your a chance to win Unlox!

The Class Nerd: Using iOS in the classroom [sponsor]

Class-nerdThe right apps hold immense power for greater efficiency with reduced stress, but just having the right app doesn’t mean that you can use it in the most productive manner. That’s one reason why you should check out The Class Nerd by Craig McClellan. Craig is a 2nd grade teacher and an Apple nerd who writes about how he wields Apple technology to be more productive in an education setting.

If you’re a teacher, definitely check out the site–and if you’re not an school teacher (I’m not!), you might even get greater value out of his site because seeing how someone in a different field uses technology helps spur new ideas you might not have about your own. That’s one reason I’ve been following The Class Nerd and Craig for several years, because the way he uses apps to plan, track, and automate his work regularly inspires me. To see what I mean, just check out his recent “New Semester, New Plan” post.

My thanks to Craig and The Class Nerd for sponsoring MDM Deals this week!

Bring Your Own Device podcast [sponsor]


I love podcasts–the format, the authenticity, the ability to learn, the audio enjoyment, all of it–and I love Apple’s design and products, so I love listening to podcasts about Apple. But many Apple podcasts freak Apple as behind critique while even more complain about Apple constantly. I find neither of those make for a podcast I really enjoy.

Bring Your Own Devices tries to be different. Hosted by my friends Greg Morris & Nati Shochat, they seek to walk the very thin line between being an Apple fan and not being an Apple apologist. They don’t always nail that balance, but if you enjoy commentary on Apple that is neither complaining nor apologizing, check out the Bring Your Own Devices podcast!

My thanks to Bring Your Own Podcast for bringing you this week’s deals.

Sudoku: Master Edition ➡️ free! [sponsor]


Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, Sudoku: Master Edition is the Sudoku app for you. With a stunning minimalist design, beautiful customizable fonts, Apple Pencil integration, and multiple game modes, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple chose to feature it as Game of the Day back in September. And since it’s 100% free to download and play, do you even need to know more than that?

Designed from the ground up for both seasoned Sudoku addicts, as well as newcomers,  this version of the classic logic puzzle can be customised to your needs and preferences – like fonts, colours, game mode, Zen mode, as well as options you didn’t even know you needed (until now).  It even has handwriting recognizing so you can play using Apple Pencil.

Though far from an addict, I enjoy Sudoku–and I enjoy it more in this app than with paper because of the time the developers took to really sweat the details and get things right. In particular, they really spent time to set good default settings so that while you can customize virtually everything, it works beautifully without tweaking anything. If you enjoy Sudoku, or just want to see a beautifully designed app, download Sudoku: Master Edition for free on the App Store today!

My thanks to Hoolatron Studios for their support of MDM Deals!


Setapp: Dozens of great apps, one great price [Sponsor]

Setapp-bannerImagine needing an app to make you more productive, do maintenance on your Mac, or be more creative–and now imagine that you can get a high-quality app to solve your need without having to look for one or deals with reviews, spammy software, trials, in-app purchases, or upgrade pricing. You now can, with Setapp.

Setapp is the first subscription service for Mac apps, giving you access to hand-picked, high-quality apps for one low monthly price. Get access to some of my favorite & highly recommend apps like CleanMyMac, iStat Menus, Gemini,  2Do, Boxy, Alternote, Dropshare, Unclutter, Marked, or Screens, plus dozens more–all for just $9.99 + tax a month.Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 17.46.55Try them out risk-free with Setapp’s truly free 30-day trial (no credit card required, cancel anytime). Get access to all these apps by downloading Setapp completely free today! If you do it fast, you can even enter a drawing for a new MacBook Pro. Check out Setapp today!

My thanks to Setapp for sponsoring mdmdeals this week.

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