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Life is busy, so I’ve worked hard to make sure you can get deals wherever on the internet you call home. Check out the ways you can get them!

Filtered email – Get highly customized deals so you see just the deals you want. Don’t care about books or games? Filter those out. Available for Patrons only, this is the best way to get deals anywhere on the internet.


Telegram (iOS only) – The least-appreciated channel, in my opinion, but a fantastic one to quickly get deals without any other clutter or posts crowding things out. Simple, clean, and easy, it’s one of my favorite channels. Also with tons of deal-specific channels so you can get just the deals that interest you most!

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Reddit – Our largest online community, now expanded with lots of subreddits so you can find exactly the kinds of deals that interest you and find the best via upvotes and downvotes!


Email – Get all the deals of the day sent to you in one email a day. It doesn’t give you any of the customizations of the filtered emails above, so you’ll get all the deals coming to you, but it does make it easy to see what’s on sale.

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Twitter – Where MDM Deals got started and our second-largest community! Get deals in your feed with unique hash tags so that you can mute or search for just the kinds of deals you want.


Facebook – If this is where you enjoy the web, like and follow the MDM Deals page to get deals delivered to you. Note that Facebook won’t show you everything I post, so you’ll have to check the page & like a lot so its algorithm knows you want to get all the deals.


Pinterest – You might not think this is a place for MDM Deals, but it is! There’s separate boards for different kinds of deals, so follow the boards you want to filter the deals to just the ones you care about!

Signal – One of the most private and secure communication platforms in existence, now supported by MDM Deals. Deals come in once a day with a full text description of the deals and  emoji so you can easily tell them apart. A great place to glance through deals without missing any or being bombarded by them.

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RSS – Not only do deals come to you via RSS, but you can choose to filter the deals by platform and kind to get just the kind that you want.

Apple News – The most elegant way to get MDM Deals. Subscribe to my channel and get deals delivered to you in your news feed. I also have sub-channels for each kind of deals so you can filter down to just what you want.


Instagram – See the logos and descriptions of apps right there in your Instagram feed, coupled with hash tags for your viewing pleasure.


Facebook Group – Like the Facebook Page, but a more intimate (and reliable) way of being notified about the same deals on the MDM Deals page.

Micrblog black – The most startup-y channel I support. I have no idea how many of you follow us there, but it’s not insignificant. Join the party and follow along!


Flipboard – The brilliantly designed digital magazine now supports MDM Deals, with magazine options for all the different kinds of deals so you can get just what you want.

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Slack – With separate channels for different kinds of deals, Slack is a great place to quickly browse through deals without any clutter or extraneous things.


Tumblr – It’s down, but it’s not out! Follow MDM Deals to get each post delivered to you, with lots of hash tags to help you find what you want.


Discord – Not just for gaming chat, you can join the MDM Deals community to see deals each day in Discord’s beautiful text chat window.


Flock – The Slack competitor that’s simpler and cleaner. If you’re already on a Flock team, add MDM Deals to get the deals coming to you there as well!


GroupMe – The group-chat-focused app is now a place where you can get MDM Deals coming to you automatically each day, right alongside your other chats.


Chatwork – While focused on workplace chat, Chatwork makes it easy to follow multiple groups, so if you use Chatwork, join the MDM Deals group to see deals alongside your existing chats!


Fleep – A simple and elegant group chat where you can see MDM Deals coming in alongside your existing chats, complete with app logos and previews of links.

Have another place you’d like to get deals? Let me know! and I’ll see what I can do!

If you’ve made it this far, can I ask a favor? Could you tell someone about this site? Running it isn’t cheap or easy and I’d love your help in spreading the word about it. The more who follow it, the easier it is to get sponsors who want to give away apps to you!

Thanks for following MDM Deals and spreading the news, I super appreciate it!

Previously supported, but now ended channels:

These channels just didn’t work out–either not enough people joined to make it worthwhile or they hit technical issues. If one interests you, though, let me know, as I may be resurrect it if there’s enough interest


WhatsApp – Join the MDM Deals chat group where you receive one message a day that contains all the deals publish that day. It’s secure, neat, and easy, with custom notifications you can set so you never miss a deal as it comes in.


Mastodon – The new channel on the newest social media platform that is ad-free and 100% community owned. I love it for its privacy focus that doesn’t collect your data and doesn’t sell it off to ad-selling companies. Check it out and get deals by toot!


LinkedIn – It took some crazy work to get deals here (Shortcuts to IFTTT to Buffer to LinkedIn!), but now you can like and follow the page to get deals in your stream–make sure to interact with each deal you see so LinkedIn’s algorithm knows you want to see the deals.


Flickr – The popular photo-sharing service now has a MDM Deals channel! See beautiful app logos, movie artwork, and descriptions alongside the other artists in your stream.


Google Hangouts – The group chat by Google, now with a MDM Deals group chat channel for your convenience. Deals delivered once a day.

KakaoTalk – One of the most popular messenger apps worldwide, now with a MDM Deals group to find the deals you want.  Deals delivered once a day; notifications available.


Viber – Good ole’ Viber, now with a MDM Deals group for getting deals once a day delivered to you. Set up notifications so you never miss another deal!


Kik – Recently resuscitated from an untimely end, Kik is back and after tons of work, MDM Deals supports it. Deals are delivered once a day.


Voxer – Not just for voice messages, you can join this MDM Deals group to get deals coming to you once a day. Sign up for notifications, too, and never miss another deal!


JioChat – Popular in India, but useful around the world, now with a MDM Deals group where deals come in once a day.


Line – Get all the deals coming to you in an easy chat window–and be notified by the deals as they come in (or silence notifications, I don’t care 😀). Lightweight and fun, check it out today!

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