MDM Deals subs on Reddit

Since the largest single community of MDM Deals fans are on Reddit, I’ve worked hard to create a variety of ways you can follow MDM Deals to see exactly the deals you want. Check out all the options here!

Subreddits with all the deals:

  • r/MDMDeals – The original subreddit, where I post one text post a day with all the deals of the day. A great place to follow if you want to see everything in just one post a day
  • r/MDMDeals_alt – An alternate subreddit, where every deals comes in as a link post with artwork and filterable flair. Note: This is an upgrade of r/myappledeals, which is still active but no longer being maintained

Subreddits that filter by kind of deal:

  • r/AppDeals – Apps for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS (no games or books)
  • r/iOSappdeals – Apps for iOS (no Mac, games, or books)
  • r/iosgamedeals – Games for iOS (no apps, Mac, or books)
  • r/bookdeals – Ebooks, audiobooks, and physical books (no iOS, iPadOS, & Mac deals)

Subreddits that filter by OS:

  • r/iOSdeals – All the deals for iOS, both apps and games (excludes Mac, iPad-only, books)
  • r/iOSandiPadOSDeals – All deals for iPhone & iPad
  • r/iPadOSDeals – All apps that run on iPad
  • r/MacOSDeals – All deals for the Mac & macOS (excludes books, iOS, iPadOS). Note: same as r/macdeals, which is still active but no longer being maintained

Interested in another kind of filtered subreddit? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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