This website and its associated social media accounts are run solely by myself, Mark Miller. Deals on apps, movies, & other items that appear on this website or via its related distribution channels are not recommendations unless explicitly stated as such (with words like “recommended” or emoji like 👍). I only give a recommendation for items which I or my family use or which I have seen reviewed by people I trust. Such recommendations are based 100% upon my own analysis of each item and do not necessarily reflect the views of my sponsors, guest writers, my family, my pet gerbil (RIP), or necessarily myself at a different time. I reserve the right to be wrong, to change my opinion, to like more than one item that does the same thing, and to believe in Santa Claus if I want to.

This website is not associated with any company, business, or product mentioned within its articles. When a company or business has paid for a sponsorship, posts for that item will clearly be labeled “Sponsored.”

I own Apple stock and thus you could say I have a conflict of interest in that, as app sales increase, so does the worth of my stock. But…if my deals ever made a significant enough difference to Apple’s bottom line that my writing actually increased my holdings…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t being wearing an Apple Watch Sport edition.


FTC Notice (per 16 CFR Part 255)
Links to products on iTunes, Amazon, Smile Software, and MacPhun software may give me a small percentage of sales as commission. These funds received help cover the expense of running this website and of evaluating apps to recommend. Though I financially benefit from these sales, I do my best to only identify items that I would think worthy of your time. As stated earlier, I only recommend items which I or my family use or which I have seen reviewed by people I trust.

On occasion, companies may give me a free product or application to test or to review. If I find the product/application valuable, I will keep it, which could be considered financial compensation. However, my goal and promise is always to (1)  explicitly identify when this has occurred, (2) be as objective in my assessment as I am humanly able to be.

Other Disclaimers:
Mark Miller is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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