Promote your product with a sponsorship!

Forget Google Ads–get your app or tech in front of thousands of folks enthusiastic about high quality stuff. Nearly 4,000 people follow MDM Deals in 20+ different places on the internet, including this site, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Apple News, and many more. Our repeat sponsors have said the value of a sponsorship is not just in reaching the audience, but in the SEO boost from promotion across so many different channels.

Our standard weeklong exclusive sponsorship package includes:

  • A blog post at the start of the sponsorship explaining your app/product. This would appear first on the list of deals during your sponsorship and would be published on all platforms.
  • A “native ad” promoting your item that would appear daily amidst each publication channel
  • A short blurb appearing permanently in every deal published on during that week
  • A short blurb in the sidebar/footer of the site

If a sponsorship of this sort would interest you, contact us for current rates and availability! Make sure to ask about our indie developer discount, available for teams that have 2 people or fewer. Thanks!

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