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With the last sponsorship campaign, we got good results on Oka Unarchiver. The app store ranking and the number of users have increased. Many thanks to MDM Deals for helping us!

7littlemen, developers of Oka Unarchiver, repeat MDM Deal sponsor

Over 4,700 app lovers follow MDM Deals across our 20+ publishing channels, making it an ideal place to promote your app. Not only do you get your app in front of thousands who love quality software, but you also get your links across 20+ places on the internet, boosting your SEO. In fact, one repeat sponsor said it was worth the sponsorship just for he SEO boost he saw!

Our standard weeklong exclusive sponsorship package includes:

  • A blog post at the start of the sponsorship explaining your app and promoted across all publication channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Apple News, Pinterest, Instagram, an email newsletter, and many more
  • Prime placement in the Club MDM Deals newsletter
  • A short promotional blurb appearing permanently with the deals published during your sponsorship
  • A short promotional blurb in the sidebar/footer of the site

Please contact us for current rates and availability–and ask about the indie developer discount, available for teams of 1 or 2 people.

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